December 2014 

Vol 6, Issue 12      

United Way Connects
Sharing Some Heartwarming Stories With You For The Holidays 

Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful friends, family,  donors, volunteers, agency partners, and community members.


This is the season where we see wonderful acts of generosity each and every day.  It's heartwarming to hear the stories and see the impact that our community can have when we all pull together.  Even our staff have heart felt stories: Jennifer's proudest moment came just last week when she was shopping for gifts with her seven-year-old  daughter who turned to me and said, "Mom, I want to buy some gifts for kids who maybe won't get a lot of gifts this year." With a tear in her eye, they headed to the toy store to pick out two gifts to donate that day. 


When people are asked what motivates them to give, often one of the strongest influence comes from their parents.  When we are raised with a strong commitment to give back to others or to help those in need, it stays with us, and becomes part of what we do, and what we believe is our obligation.  We encourage you to talk to your children, nieces, nephews and grandchildren about what your family can do to help someone else.  Consider making it a part of a year round project.  It's not just at the end of the year when people need help, there is need year round.


A special thank you to the hundreds of people who have made a financial pledge to donate from their pay-cheques starting in January 2015. What an amazing way to show your support for the community.


Have a safe and happy holiday season, and we'll talk to you in the New Year.


On behalf of all the staff at United Way

United Way Enters Final Leg of the Campaign 
United Way staff and volunteers have been busy over the past few months working to raise funds for programs and services that support the Central Alberta community. This is the final month of contacting local businesses and individuals for support. We are reaching out to any donors who still want to make their contribution or pledge before the end of the year.

It is not too late to give to this year's United Way campaign. You can make a donation online at or by phone 403.343.3900. The 2014 tax deadline for any charitable giving is December 31, 2014.  


To find out more about our push to finalize the campaign please click here


Copps Services Inc Becomes a New Supporter of United Way 
Copps Services Inc, one of the largest piling contractors in Western Canada recently presented United Way with a $5000 donation for this year's campaign.  Copps is a new supporter of United Way, along with Canyon Technical Services and Ridgeline Environmental Inc, among others. United Way sees these new partnerships as a huge success story and hopes they will be added to a list of long term and successful relationships within the community.


United Way Campaign volunteers, staff and the network of people in our community believe that compassionate Central Albertans step up and make financial commitments because, they see the value in supporting vital programs and services that serve those in need. Support from new donors is an opportunity for United Way to improve on community networks and create long term stable funding for partner agencies. 


This holiday season consider becoming a new donor to United Way in these ways: 

  • Select United Way as the recipient of your company's Christmas celebrations.
  • Make a gift to the community equaling 10% of your family's expected giving.
  • Make a corporate donation in lieu of sending gifts.
  • Encourage your extended family to make a donation together in lieu of a gift exchange.
  • Donate a portion of that unexpected bonus or gift.
  • Transfer public securities to United Way to take advantage of 2014 tax relief on capital gains.


Clearwater Boys and Girls Club Receives Peace of Mind.
Imagine no longer needing to worry if a small child will run into the street after a ball. Imagine no longer stressing that a group of children excited by a game of tag will run into the road at precisely the wrong moment. Your donation has given us something invaluable - peace of mind! There simply is not a better way of phrasing it: The
United Way has given the staff, board, and parents of the Clearwater Boys and Girls Club peace of mind. Thank you for helping us keep our kids safe.  By providing funding for fencing materials, the kids at the club can now safely enjoy the outdoors.
perscare celebrate our big anniversary. In 2015, United Way of Central Alberta will be celebrating 50 Years in the community.  We are currently looking for stories or pictures of your experience with United Way, particularly from the 60's, 70's or 80's. If you have information to share, please call us at 403.343.3900 or e-mail

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United Way Campaign Enters Final Month    


Copps Services Becomes a New Supporter   


Clearwater Boys and Girls Club Receive Peace of Mind 


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photoofthemonthPhoto Of The Month

United Way Staff cheer on the holidays and wish everyone a safe and happy festive season
Did you know...?
Tis the season to give!  We are now offering $1,500 in both our professional development or capital and equipment small grants.  These grants are available to any non-profit organization in Central Alberta who work in the social service sector. In addition, registered charities can apply every year.  To find out more please click  here

Steadfast Courier Giving Dollars In Lieu Of Christmas Gifts

Steadfast Courier owner-operator Jeff Tirrell says he's delivered hundreds of poinsettias to offices during his career, and he's always disappointed to see them dried out and dying a couple of weeks later. That, coupled with the boxes of chocolates and trinkets he receives every year during that holidays has given him the idea that his money could be put to better use.  


This year, he is urging his clients to join him in giving to the United Way of Central Alberta instead of more traditional gifts. "We wanted to change people's thinking," said Jeff. "We have so much here, Instead of giving ourselves gifts, let's give gifts to the community to make the community better." Jeff and his wife Sherri started Steadfast Courier in November 2013. He didn't expect a huge response to his request this year, but he was surprised by the response he has received. "Already two offices have said they will pool their resources and give to charity," he said. "That's what we were aiming for. It only takes one person to make a difference."