July 2014 

Vol 6, Issue 7 

United Way Connects

A Summer Road Trip
Most of the time, I work in the office or meet with community partners, volunteers and donors. But a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take go on a road trip to visit one of our partner agencies. I took this excursion in order to learn a little more about what their agency does, and to capture some stories, but I came away with so much more.

When I arrived at Rocky Youth Development Society, I was happy I had already had a cup of coffee because the day camp was in full swing. There were kids playing with Lego, others were building a fort, a couple were playing outside with a leader, and others having a game of chess.  It was wonderful to see so much activity taking place and the staff so involved in supporting the kids as they went from one activity to another.  I could clearly see that the staff were having just as much fun as the kids.

I was happy to hear that this day camp was available to all families, regardless of their level of income so every child has the opportunity to have a fun and safe place to go throughout the summer. The program is so popular that it has expanded from 35 to 50 placements in just one year. This past year they were also able to build a fence around the building to provide the kids with a safe place to play outside. 

I felt proud knowing that United Way invests in 3 different programs that Rocky Youth Development Society provides to the children and youth in their community.  In addition, United Way provided one-time funding to help with the costs of building the fence. I don't know if I can accurately communicate just how much this group appreciates the support they have received thanks to your help. The only thing I can tell you is after this visit, I know that we need to continue to do all we can to keep supporting programs like this one, that is making our kids stronger and enables them to be all that they can be.


MEGlobal Sponsors Loaned Representative    
MEGlobal has confirmed that they will be sponsoring the Loaned Representative program for a third consecutive year. This sponsorship allows United Way Central Alberta to hire an additional staff member during the busy campaign season, without using donor dollars. Many thanks to MEGlobal for their continued support of this program.

If you are interested in participating in the 2014 campaign as the Loaned Representative, click here for more information.
Youth and Volunteer Centre Executive Director Retires  

United Way celebrated with the staff and volunteers of the Youth and Volunteer Centre (YVC) to say Bon Voyage to their long-time Executive Director David Murphy. Each speaker shared stories and pictures of the past 10 years of David's passion and commitment to youth in our community.     


David has been a long-time Leadership Donor and supporter of United Way. He will not only be missed as the enthusiastic and cheerful Executive Director of YVC, but also as dedicated member of our community.  


David Murphy began his retirement by embarking on a travel adventure with his wife. We recently heard from David who is currently enjoying his summer in Victoria on Vancouver Island.


United Way is Looking for Volunteers
Are you looking for new and exciting ways to get involved in your community?

United Way is looking for volunteers to help make the 2014 Campaign a huge success. We have a few positions that require volunteers:
  •  Treasurer for the Board of Directors
  •  Sockey Night Committee Chair 
Go to www.caunitedway.ca for more information on these opportunities!


United Way Days is just around the corner, and we would like to thank all the businesses that have confirmed their participation for the 2014 campaign: 
  • Bikram Yoga Red Deer
  • Chillabongs
  • Cool Beans
  • Dose Cafe
  • Imperial Oil Esso
  • Las Palmeras
  • Mitchell & Jewel
  • Openhwy
  • Red Deer Lodge
  • Tandoor n Flame

United Way Days is a great way to support businesses in your community as well as support United Way. Make sure you eat, drink and shop at United Way Days businesses!


Evraz Hosts BBQ and Tour

United Way was invited to join staff and the rest of the community for a free BBQ at Evraz to learn a little more about their operations.  Tours were available, and the biggest bouncy castle we've ever seen was a hit with the kids.  Evraz has been quietly supporting United Way for over 20 years and has raised an amazing $425,541 for the community.   


Last year, over half of all employees made a financial contribution, with Evraz matching the donations dollar for dollar.  Thanks for your support - and for a tasty meal!


Boys and Girls Club, a Fun and Safe Place for Kids 


I find it difficult to even put it into words how much of an impact that the Club has made on both myself and my daughter's life.  


Being a single Mom with no family and very few friends in town makes things very difficult. I know without a doubt that I can rely on the staff at the Club to provide my daughter with a safe place to be and allow her the chance to grow and flourish. She has come such a long way since beginning her journey with the Club. She has made lasting friendships with kids and staff members alike.  


I am able to volunteer and feel like I am a part of the Club, I have been able to make friends and connections as well. I do not feel awkward to come in during an activity and have a seat at the table and take part in whatever is going on.


I think that it is very important that as a parent that although I cannot be with my child all the time I can still be an active part of what she enjoys. Every time I just think things are fantastic they get better. My daughter looks forward to the planned activities that will be going on.  


On top of these great programs being able to provide kids breakfast and snacks is awesome. Thank you so much for everything that you are able to provide for me and my daughter. I have only slightly been able to put into words how I feel. Loyalties run strong for me and I feel like we are a part of a special community at the Boys and Girls Club.   


- Rocky Youth Development Society 'Club' parent  

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A Summer Road Trip     


MEGlobal Sponsors Loaned Representative  


Save The Date  


Youth and Volunteer Centre Executive Director Retires 


United Way is Looking for Volunteers    


United Way Days Participants    


Evraz Hosts BBQ and Tour 


Boys and Girls Club, a fun and Safe Place for Kids  


Your Dollars At Work 


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Save The Date
ECC Training Aug 28, 2014
Kick Off Luncheon Sept 11, 2014

Sockey Night Nov 15, 2014

Scotch Classic Nov 20, 2014

photoofthemonthPhoto Of The Month
Fun and games at the Rocky Youth Development Society.
Did you know...?

211 online service is now live in Central Alberta at www.ab.211.ca! United Way has been working hard over the last 18 months to ensure our Central Alberta database is up to date.  


When we searched 'clothing donations' for Red Deer, we were able to get 16 different places in Red Deer that take clothing donations, from Dress for Success to the Canadian Diabetes Association.   


Visit the website to check out what's listed in your area. If information or data is missing, give us a call at 403-343-3900, or email christine@caunitedway.ca  


Your Dollars at Work 


Have you ever wondered how an out-of-school program changes lives?  The tweens at the Rocky Youth Development Centre Society or 'Club' have a lot to say on the subject.  Parker has been going to the Club for 6 years and is old enough to stay home alone, but is happiest at the club, hanging out with friends.  With his shades on and continuously brushing the hair out of his eyes, Parker described his first day at the club - "It was scary walking into the building not knowing anyone, not sure if anyone would like me; but everyone was so nice and now they are my family."  An experience repeated by others.   


The group explained that the thing they liked best about the Tween Club was hanging out downstairs where it is quieter and they can talk about stuff each other understands.  


"It is a safe place to talk and share."


Hayley Hellum, Executive Director of the agency explained that they started the Tween Club for kids like Parker that wanted to continue being part of the Club.  Thanks to funding from United Way, Rocky Youth Development Society was able to create a program for the older kids, giving them a safe place to hang out and a sense of belonging.  The tweens are eager to help out with the younger kids and take on leadership roles at the Jellybean dances.