May 2014 

Vol 6, Issue 5

United Way Connects

Collaborating for the Greatest Impact
On May 8, we were excited to announce to our donors and the community how over $1.7 million dollars was being invested into the social service sector across Central Alberta, at our newly renamed event "Celebrating Impact."  This is always the highlight of our year when we are joined by the agency representatives to share and learn a bit more about how we are all working together to create the greatest impact.

In fact, we asked each of our agencies to show us on a map who they are partnering and collaborating with and the results were amazing to see - we truly are working together to bring the best results to the community.  Delta Rempel, Executive Board Chair of the Golden Circle is pictured adding to our map.
The full press release, and a detailed list of the programs and agencies funded for 2014/2015 can be found here. Of course, there are also a number of other collaborations and initiatives that we are working on as well.  More information can be found here.


Central Albertans Experience Realities of Poverty 

On May 14 United Way Central Alberta and Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA) partnered to present Central Alberta's first poverty simulation event. The event provided the opportunity to experience the daily challenges an individual in poverty experiences.  


Participants were assigned a new 'identity' that reflects the life of an individual in poverty. It did not take long before the stress and anxiety of not being able to buy groceries or pay rent began to kick in. Participants quickly realized that decisions and sacrifices had to be made to be able to pay for necessities and make it to the end of the month. 


Over 70 participants walked out of the experience with a new understanding of what it is like to live and work in poverty, and we hope, ready to make changes to reduce poverty in Central Alberta.   




Do You Have the Gift of Gab?  

We are looking for Account Executives for the 2014 Campaign Cabinet. If you can have a conversation about the value United Way brings to our community and use your amazing powers of persuasion to further engage our loyal contributors, please give us a call at
(403) 343-3900!

For a more detailed job description click here. 


Looking to Advertise Locally?  
We can't think of a better way to advertise your business than by partnering with a trusted non profit. By sponsoring events, promotional materials or initiatives, you can help us reduce our administration costs while we promote your business in the community. It's a great way to stretch your advertising dollars!

There are a number of unique and sometimes exclusive opportunities available, but the spots are filling up fast. For more information on corporate sponsorship check out our 2014 sponsorship package.  


United Way Partner Helps Homeless  



Golden Circle Senior Centre had a client first came to them because he was living in a hotel.  He could not find housing.  He had no food, and he was running out of money.  One of the outreach coordinators took the case and began working with this senior.


They worked with Department of Veterans Affairs to get him connected to the VIP program which helps veterans access home supports by providing funding.  They also got him connected to Alberta Senior Benefits to get all that he was entitled to.  They purchased groceries and provided frozen meals until the money that he was entitled to was coming in.  


The outreach worker worked with him to make a housing application. They were able to stabilize his living situation. His sister has since become involved with her brother's care, and the outreach worker has been working with her to provide information related to what has been done so that the sister does not have to reapply for all the benefits that the client is entitled to.


Without partnering with United Way and having access to the crucial funding they provide, it would be much more difficult to help seniors in need. The out of pocket costs for these services create barriers for services that Golden Circle Seniors Centre is able to break through thanks to funding from United Way.  

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Collaborating for the Greatest Impact  


Central Albertans Experience Realities of Poverty 


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Do You Have the Gift of Gab?   


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United Way Partner Helps Homeless  .


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Did You Know...? 

Save The Date
Clara's Big Ride May 31, 2014

United ay's AGM June 19, 2014 

ECC Training Aug 13, 2014

Kick Off Luncheon Sept 11, 2014

photoofthemonthPhoto Of The Month
We were happy to see the support of Councilors Buck Buchanan, Dianna Wyntjes and Lynne Mulder from the City of Red Deer come out and participate in the poverty simulation.
Did you know...?

The Alberta government is increasing funding for low-income Albertans with mobility challenges. RAMP (Residential Access Modification Program) is increasing funding so those who qualify can access up to $7,500 annually and up to a maximum of $15,000 in a 10 year period.  


The grant can be used for home modifications that improve accessibility. Adding ramps, widening doors, changing floors and adding bathtub door inserts can be covered by the grant.


This grant will assist the Canadian Paraplegic Association, a United Way funded agency, in providing tangible solutions to accessibility challenges in Alberta. 


Three New Partners on Board! 


On May 8, 2014 United Way Central Alberta announced that we will be investing over $1.7 million to our partner agencies. The money will support 48 programs across Central Alberta that address three areas of development: education, income and wellness. This year United Way Central Alberta partnered with three new agencies under the income investment area:  

  •     Cosmos Community Support Services
  •     Family Services of Central Alberta 
  •     Red Deer Native Friendship Society