March 2014 

Vol 6, Issue 3

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Moving people out of poverty is one of the three main community issues that we are focused on and invested in.  WHY?  Living with a low or limited income influences every decision you make - such as whether you can you afford fresh fruit and vegetables to feed your family, whether your child can participate in out-of-school activities or attend birthday parties, or the quality of care you enroll your child.  Being on low or limited income is about much more than simply a lack of money, it's about a lack of opportunity. 

We've made tough choices to ensure that we're investing in programs and services that are going to help move people out of poverty.  We're focused on reducing poverty and not keeping people comfortable while living in poverty.  United Way invested $82,190 more into this priority area this year and have provided three year funding to agencies that support our main objectives.  


We are also a member of the Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA). 

CAPRA is working towards reducing the number of barriers that exist for persons living in poverty to ensure Central Alberta is A Vibrant Community Where Everyone Thrives.  


Another first for Central Alberta! 

We're excited to announce that in partnership with CAPRA, we are hosting the first poverty simulation in Red Deer on May 14th. This is an experience that may change the way you think about those who live with low or limited income.  Come and put yourself in the shoes of someone living in poverty.  Please register today for this three hour, no cost event on-line at
We Are Grateful For The Support!
We have great support for delivering our message to the public. For this we are grateful and proud to be a part of our community.
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What is a Day of Caring™?  

United Way Day of Caring™ is an agency-focused event that connects Corporate volunteers to local non-profit organizations, and promotes volunteerism through community service. These agencies receive much-needed assistance, which in turn allows them to focus their resources on those they serve.


Learn more by clicking on the link below.

Day of Caring   

We Need You 

Campaign Volunteers Needed

2014 Campaign Cabinet Volunteers

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Event Volunteers Needed

May 14 Poverty Simulation Helpers

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Or contact the office at 403.343.3900  

Life Can Be A Challenge   
Linda Shepherd had a different childhood growing up. While most children love running and playing, Linda couldn't stand it, because her feet and legs always hurt. After visiting many doctors, specialists, surgeons and physiotherapists, Linda's mother was told she was simply having "growing pains."

Finally, at the age of 11, doctors determined that Linda had rheumatoid arthritis, an auto-immune disease that leads to inflammation of the joints and surrounding tissue. While she was fortunate to receive the care of a rheumatologist, he was located 4 hours away from her family. She spent a large part of her teenage years at the hospital, with her longest visit being 9 months, when she had to have her hip replaced at the age of 21.

As a result of the rheumatoid arthritis, and the medications she takes for it, she now has osteoporosis and Felty's Syndrome, which makes Linda more prone to infections. Despite undergoing many surgeries over the years to replace damaged joints, Linda is now in a wheelchair and must be very careful not to fall. However, she is still living a very active and independent life, thanks to the support of United Way.

"Life can be a challenge when disabled and without family. However, thanks to United Way of Central Alberta and their supporters, I am able to remain independent in my own home, and be an active volunteer in my community."

Heart To Heart
It was with great sadness that we heard of Marlin Styner's recent passing.  When he was employed at the Canadian Parapalegic Association, a United Way funded agency, he was very gracious in sharing his time with us.  He agreed to attend meetings where he shared his personal journey over and over again, and in 2008 agreed to be filmed for our annual campaign video. We thought we would share that video with you one more time.   He will be missed. 

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Save The Date
Leadership Celebration April 22, 2014 By Invitation

Celebrating Impact - Inspiring Change May 8, 2014

Poverty Simulation May 14, 2014

Photo Of The Month
We love the over-size calculator CIC member Edie Hiebert used during the day long Community Decision Retreat.
Did you know...?

In 2011, about 5,900 or 13% of Red Deer's families were classified as low income. The most impacted group is lone parent families where 31.8% or 1,350 families are identified as having a low income.  

Your Dollars At Work
In addition to the significant investments United Way makes in the community every year, we also partner in local initiatives and address the issues that affect Central Albertans from being able to thrive.  We do all of this to support change to the significant issues affecting our community.   One initiative that we are actively involved with is the Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance or CAPRA.  CAPRA is addressing the systemic challenges that prevent individuals and families from moving out of poverty.  You can learn more about CAPRA by following their activities on twitter @CAPoverty, or join the Facebook group at Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance or from the website  


United Way is a proud funder of each of these agencies, and is grateful for the work these organizations do for our community.