Febuary 2014 

Vol 6, Issue 2

United Way Connects

What's On The Horizon For United Way?
Our organization, like many others, has a fairly clearly defined annual cycle. We have set months to fundraise,  distribute funds, recognize donors, analyze the campaign, recruit, analyze the results, then start the prepping and planning all over again.

We do have some exciting new developments that we are working on, beyond the usual things you expect from us.  We're currently working with other community partners to bring the first poverty simulation event to Red Deer.  Later this year, you'll hear from us on further developments on launching 211 in the Central Alberta community and we're also gearing up for our 50th anniversary in 2015. These are just a few of the new initiatives that are getting us excited for an amazing 2014. 

You Can Never Say Thank You Enough 
Watch for our Red Deer Advocate Ad at the end of February.  We had a wonderful 2013 campaign thanks to the amazing support from our community.

Big shout out to the Red Deer Advocate for their sponsorship of the ad.

Check the Friday paper for our super ad!

Click on the following link to see a wonderful news update.
Great news 

It's a busy time for the 25 volunteers who are participating in the annual agency review process.  These dedicated individuals are reviewing applications, meeting with agencies and recommending how to invest the money that was raised in our community.   


Thank you for helping!


Anto Davis         

Barb Dobroski

Barry MacKenzie       

Brenda Farwell

Brenda Watts             

Caroline Niblock

Cindy Andrews          

Dolly Berg

Edie Hiebert   

Ian Sudlow

John Mulgrew            

Julie Ostrowski

Keely Ennis

Leah Poole

Priscilla Ristau

Robin Byrnes

Rocky Martin

Roxane Parsons

Shelley Dallas-Smith

Sonny Nagra

Star Cunningham       

Tamara Sawatzky

Tanya Power

Theresa Huber

Valdene Callin

Donna Morrison




Coming in April

  • Leadership Celebration Event.


Coming in May

  •  A celebration of the investment that United Way is making in our community. 
  • The poverty simulation experience is designed to help participants begin to understand what it might be like to live in a typical low-income family.
beproudBe Proud!   
We love this ad we saw in the Red Deer Advocate, where Devon shares how proud they are to support United Way.

We'd love to hear how you tell the community how you proudly support United Way!


LifeisfullofpossibilitiesLife Is Full Of Possibilities 

Judy realized that she could no longer live a life being a victim of domestic violence and wanted a better life for herself and her one year old son; she lived in a rural community not too far from Red Deer.  She explained to the intake worker that she was broken, emotional and alone.  She felt she had nowhere to go because she had no family or friends to stay with or support her. 


After leaving her violent home, Judy and her son resided at an emergency shelter.  She was having a difficult time finding housing in her small community with no source of income.  Judy lived in constant fear that if she wasn't able to find housing, she would have to send her son back to live with his father.  Judy knew she couldn't go back because of the abuse but she was struggling with being homeless and the affect that was having on her son.  Although she wanted to live a life free from violence and provide for her son, the situation seemed impossible and was increasing her stress and anxiety.


Judy worked intensively with her caseworker for about three months and finally her housing stabilized; the stress of thinking she would have to return her son or even go back to an abusive situation is no longer an option. 


Thanks to the support United Way was able to provide, Judy and her son are establishing a new life, have supports in place and are free from violence.  Life is full of possibilities and opportunities.
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Did You Know...?
savethedateSave The Date

Leadership Celebration April 9, 2014 

Poverty Simulation May 14, 2014




photoofthemonthPhoto Of The Month

Here's the gang from Studon posing with our Superhero cutouts. One thing that we won't miss is bringing these cutouts to all of our events this year, they are heavy!

We're wondering if anybody wants these for their office?  The only catch - you have to pick them up yourself! 


Your donations help individuals and families, who have a history of homelessness, find and maintain housing.  The Red Deer Housing team is a partnership of 3 local agencies (Canadian Mental Health Association, Safe Harbour and Women's Outreach) who work together to help people in our community increase their self-sufficiency.  Ending homelessness is good for the whole community - it improves lives, strengthens the health and well being of our community and reduces costs to health, corrections and mental health programs.

United Way is a proud funder of each of these agencies, and is grateful for the work these organizations do for our homeless community.



Did you know...?

By investing in children with preventative initiatives like Education we can save money down the road on intervention. Every $1 spent on child care there is a $2 economic benefit.


- provided by Tamara Sawatzky, United Way practicum student