January 2014 

Vol 6, Issue 1

United Way Connects
Have You Ever Smiled So Much Your Face Hurt?
That happened to us a couple of weeks ago, when we saw a great turnout of support to help us unveil the total amount raised for the 2013 fundraising campaign.

The room was buzzing with anticipation, and I think everyone was pleasantly surprised by the final amount raised this year, $2,201,193. 

In case you're wondering, now what?  Well, you may be surprised to know that our Community Impact Council was already working out how the money raised will be invested.  Applications were received before Christmas and are currently in the review process. The volunteers and staff on the review committees are hard at work ensuring that you get the best return on your investment. Stay tuned in May when we announce the funding allocations.  Our faces will likely hurt from smiling too much that day also!

On January 16th we announced to the community the final fundraising tally - which is the highest in the history! For more details, read the full press release here Soars to New Heights.

A special thank you to our two fabulous campaign chairs, Buck Buchanan and Dustin Sundby for doing a wonderful job leading us on the campaign trail!

We are pleased to announce the winners of our annual campaign achievement awards presented on January 16, 2014

Loaned Representative Award
ME Global

Community Builder - Sustained Growth (100+)
Bank of Montreal

Community Builder - Sustained Growth
Ineos Canada Partnership

Community Builder - Significant Growth (100+)
Worley Parsons Cord

Community Builder - Significant Growth
Enterprise Rent A Car

Welcome Aboard Award
Calfrac Well Services

We were also pleased to have our top three contributors share in the success of the morning with us:

1. NOVA Chemicals
2. DOW/MEGlobal
3. Shell Canada

Melissa Martin & Annette Bracey accept the Welcome Aboard Award from Buck and Dustin

getinvolved2The best way to spend the next 3 minutes and 15 seconds 
Don't believe me?  Just watch and listen to this amazing video made for us by Reaction Marketing.

If you don't agree that this was the best way to spend 3 minutes and 15 seconds of your time, send your complaints to robert@caunitedway.ca.

Overnight, Larry became a single parent to his two children when his wife became critically ill and was hospitalized for 14 months.  With a job that requires long hours, Larry registered Blaine (age 4) in child care and Kim (age 8) in the out of school care program.  These vital services enabled Larry to retain his employment amid the chaos of his altered life.  The local food bank assisted with meals when having one income instead of two stretched their budget.  The Family Wellness Program provided individual and family counselling at no cost, to assist the family in adjusting to these monumental changes to their family unit and to cope with the emotional effects.  


Larry grew stronger in his abilities to carry out effective parenting responsibilities. These were never his when he had a healthy wife at home.  He was able to provide as much stability for his family as possible.  The children have continued to thrive in their home and school settings and have built the skills of resilience needed to cope with life changes.  


Thanks to the support of United Way, we have programs and services to help single parent families in times of crisis. 


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savethedateSave The Date
United Way Funding Announcement - early May.  Stay tuned for more details.
photoofthemonthPhoto Of The Month

Paige and Christian learning to print and read at Envision Family Centre in Innisfail. 


$50 provides 12 hours of early learning programming for a 2 year old child  


$100 purchases ten new books, enriching our learning and resource center to be enjoyed by over 100 children over the course of the year, and for several years to come


$250 allows 13 children to receive customized literacy support for 1 week


$500 ensures that 15 hours of free programming is offered to more than 100 preschool children and their families each week.

January 27 each year is Family Literacy Day.   


This is a day to recognize the importance of reading as a family and to celebrate literacy.   


United Way supports more than 450 young children and their families through a number of programs that promote learning in early childhood.