April 2013 

Vol 5, Issue 4

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Super Tax Credit Coming for First Time Donors  
We love that commercial where the guy complains about a sharp pain, and the doctor takes a look and says he can't do anything, it's Tax Pain. While it's funny, it may be a little too close to the truth for some. For others, tax season is a positive experience when we receive money back. We know many of you make generous financial contributions to charities, and we hope that the tax incentives make it an even more rewarding gift.  Alberta currently has some of the most generous tax savings for charitable contributions. Donations over $200 entitle you to a tax credit of 50% (29% federal tax credit plus a 21% Alberta provincial credit). That would mean that a $1,000 donation would end up costing you $550.

Now, the 2013 Federal Budget has introduced a temporary First-time Donor's Super Tax Credit. As long as you or your spouse have not used the Charitable Tax credit since 2007, you would be provided with an additional 25% tax credit on up to a $1,000 donation. This would mean that a $1,000 donation would end up costing you only $300.

Of course, all this depends on your income and personal circumstances, so talk to your tax professional or check out the Canada Revenue Agency website for more information.

We hope that you are not suffering from Tax Pain, and can make the tax credits work for you.

MEGlobal has recently announced their commitment to fund our Loaned Representative Program, an essential component to the success of the annual Campaign. This will allow us to hire an additional staff mMEGlobal logoember during our busiest time of the year, so that we will be able to connect with more employees and potential donors to share the impact a donation to United Way can have. This is the second year in a row that MEGlobal has sponsored the Loaned Representative Program. Read the full press release.

The Community Impact Council (CIC) is made up of 9 volunteer members who along side staff are dedicated to planning how United Way can have the most impact in the community. The Council is integral in both exploring the challenges facing Central Albertans and determining how United Way will become involved in changing these social conditions. In addition to deciding how to invest donor dollars in the community, the CIC members get involved with agencies and community collaborations to help create a more positive future for all members of our community. Edie Hiebert is a member of the Council who had been actively involved in other areas of the organization until she heard United Way CEO Robert Mitchell speak about the community impact work and she reports " that with my passion for about all the work that United Way does and with my experience from supporting other roles within the organization, I knew that I would be a perfect fit for the Council." We thank each and every member of CIC for their passions and dedication to supporting out Central Alberta community.
Since 1965, United Way has raised over $30 million, which has been invested back into the community. Thanks to the communities support during the 2012 Campaign, United Way is able to support over 40 programs and services this year.

We understand that there are thousands of community members who access these programs and services, whether it's you, a friend, a co-worker or neighbour. In fact, 1 in 3 people in Central Alberta will access services in the course of their life. If you've accessed services that we support and want to get involved, we hope you will consider our Client Ambassador program. By sharing your story and how United Way has helped, you are helping United Way show the impact that donors can have in their community.

If you would like to get involved by speaking at United Way presentations, please contact our office and ask for Cynthia McLaren. Your story and experience has the power to inspire and change lives.
We work hard to ensure that we provide a high return on donor dollars and that most of the annual revenue goes to funding programs and services within Central Alberta. To continue keeping our costs low, we've created many unique and meaningful opportunities which will promote you company and keep costs low. we're engaged in many events and promotions within the community and the net revenue helps us raise additional funds for Campaign, and adds to awareness.

By partnering with United Way, you link to United Way's brand. In 2010, Forbes magazine published a list of the Top 50 most valuable brands. United Way was ranked #26 on the list, two positions below Pepsi and five above Nike, with United Way carrying a brand value of $14.3 billion.

We are inviting sponsors to join us for this year's Campaign. If this sounds like a strong fit for your organization, be sure to view our Sponsorship Prospectus. For more information, please contact the United Way office.


Wel-Can Welding & Fabrication Ltd is a great example of how a company can grow their campaign through employee participation.


For many years, Wel-Can Welding & Fabrication Ltd. provided a $500 corporate gift to United Way. In 2012 they wanted to do something more. The first step was to meet with a United Way staff member.They then decided to run a workplace campaign, asking their employees to consider making a contribution, which they kicked off with a workplace presentation. United Way Client Ambassador Barry Weatherall shared his story of how United Way impacted his life. Following this emotional testament of how people can help, management handed out a pledge form to each employee and announced that staff donations would be matched 50 cents for every dollar. With Barry's story, the 50 cent match and management's dedication, Wel-Can Welding & Fabrication Ltd.'s 16 staff members achieved an astounding 75% participation and raised over $8,000!


If you're interested in growing your workplace campaign, let us know and we'd be happy to help.  

The Serving Communities Internship Program (SCiP) offers students the opportunity to develop skills and gain meaningful work experience while giving nonprofit agencies access to a pool of talented people. Nonprofit agencies are able to post a job ad to have a student assist with a project in their workplace and the student in turn gains valuable work experience from the internship, in addition to a $1,000 bursary. United Way was fortunate to have Yaser Aljarrah assist the Community Impact Council with the annual agency review to determine United Way's investments in the upcoming year. Yaser's involvement throughout this process was invaluable! He shared that this experience "was a great opportunity for me to meet different members of the organization and see the intelligent inputs from different volunteers regarding the allocation of funds among different agencies... I hope that someday I will be able to be as generous and involved with United Way on a larger scale."

There are still a few bursaries available for any nonprofit organization that's interested. You can find out more by looking at the SCiP website http://joinscip.ca/  

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photoofthemonthPhoto Of The Month
Pictured: Daniel Delorme, with daughter Satie.

As a Client Ambassador Daniel shares his story with companies and is a perfect example of how donations can impact a life.

Daniel was born with Glaucoma. At the age of 15, he lost sight in his left eye. Still able to see, Daniel lived a full life until, at the age of 26 his retina detached in his right eye, leaving him legally blind. Shortly after, Daniel found himself a single father with no idea of how to provide for his family. Eventually Daniel was able to access services supported by United Way and now shares how it has changed his life.

United Way is fortunate to have Client Ambassadors who share their story in various forms, whether it's at workplace campaigns, at special events, or in material like our Annual Report.

Thank you to all our Client Ambassadors, for helping us understand the impact that we can have.
storyJennifer's Story  

'Jennifer' is in her 40s and has recently began suffering from seizures. She has attended support group meetings which have helped her understand that she is not alone. Jennifer has been able to normalize her experiences as well as the challenges presented to her drastically altered lifestyle. Group members have been able to help validate her apprehension of what the future holds and provide ideas on how to cope with epilepsy on the day to day basis. Jennifer has been encouraged to adopt a healthy life style of nutrition, exercise and meditation.


Based on these suggestions, Jennifer was able to go on a camping outing with friends. Before, seizures every day was the norm, Jennifer was seizure free. Based on the advice and support of the Epilepsy Association, a United Way funded agency, Jennifer is slowly decreasing the frequency of her seizures, allowing her to begin normalizing her life again.

didyouknowYour Dollars at Work
A $250 donation could help one school-age child attend the Think Social program. Children with social differences receive assistance to develop skills that will assist them in becoming more successful in developing friendships. At the end of an 8 week session, one participant stated that he was sad to see it end because he had made a friend and it was his "first friend ever".