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Guest Lawn Care Experts this Weekend

K&B True Value will be hosting two guest lawn care experts this weekend:

Mike Hammer
Pennington Grass Seed
Saturday, Sept. 19 - 1-4pm

Rick Hardy
Johnathan Green Lawn Care
Sunday, Sept. 20 - 12-3pm

Free Soil pH Testing
Why won't your grass grow? Why aren't your tomatoes thriving?
Testing your soil's pH is a good place to start finding answers. Most plants prefer a nearly neutral pH level, neither acidic nor alkaline. Your soil's pH level can affect plants ability to absorb nutrients. Bring in two or 3 small sandwich bags of your soil this weekend and have our guest lawn care experts test it for FREE!

Plan on Joining Us!
We'll have McCutcheon's Apple Products from Frederick, MD on hand (with some free samples!), specials on fall lawn and garden care, pumpkins and more. Stay tuned for more details!