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Thinking Ahead:
Environmentally Friendly Heating this Winter

It's hard to image being cold at this point but cooler temperatures will be here before you know it. Now's a good time to start thinking about keeping your home warm this winter - efficiently and environmentally-friendly. Lignetic Wood Pellets, made from recycled sawdust otherwise destined for a landfill, burn more efficiently than cut wood and generate less harmful emissions. Wood pellet fuel is a cost effective, renewable heating choice and bags of wood pellets don't create the mess or attract insects like cut wood can.

In the past, pellets could only be used in special stoves but inserts have been developed that allow any fireplace or wood stove to convert to wood pellet fuel(read more at ThisOldHouse). Using wood pellets to help heat your home helps the environment and saves you money.
K&B True Value carries Lignetic Wood Pellets which are considered by many to be the best available. We ran last year so hurry to take advantage of our special Early Bird pricing!


If you can't eat or give away everything you're getting from your vegetable garden you should consider canning. Being able to crack open a jar of your own canned fruits and veggies will really enhance your meals this winter. Right now, K&B True Value has great deals on Ball Mason jars. We also have all the other supplies you need to can-pressure canner, pots, canning wax, seasonings and more.

Never canned before? Here's video to get you started.

Pack It Up & Store It!

There's stuff hanging around your house that needs to be thrown out. And then there's useful stuff that shouldn't be thrown away but is creating clutter.

Let K&B True Value help you get that useful stuff organized and stored away with our wide assortment of organizers, storage totes and boxes. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.

On sale this month!