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Maryland crab season starts in early spring which is fine if you like small, anemic crabs who have just groggily crawled out of the muck from their long winter snooze. Long-time residents know July is when the crabs start to get good and heavy. However, unless you're willing to fork out a substantial chunk of change for a bushel of crabs, you should consider catching them yourself. It's easier than you think.


First, it's very important to get a recreational crabbing license from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and understand the laws pertaining to crabbing. Depending on your circumstances, the cost is only $5-$10 and is a lot cheaper than the fines you might receive if caught crabbing without a license.


Next, visit K&B True Value for all your crabbing gear: crab pots (both kinds--for catching and steaming), nylon line, live wells, dip nets, floats, baskets, tongs, seasoning and mallets. Then find a patch of shallow water (less than 10 feet deep) preferably on the Chesapeake Bay or one of its tributaries. Otherwise, we can't guarantee results.   


Two Methods: Chicken Necking and Crab Pots

There are two basic ways to go about crabbing-chicken necking or crab pots--but with either method general wisdom says you get the best results early in the morning when the tide is high.

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