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Grub Control
You work hard on your lawn. We appreciate that. Your family appreciates that. Your neighbors appreciate that. So, when brown spots appear, it's upsetting. We totally get that. What's the deal? Most likely grubs.

Grubs, the larvae of Japanese, June, or Masked Chafer Beetles, are your lawn's absolute worst enemy, as they destroy it from beneath the surface by eating the root system. And even if they don't do a great deal of damage, grubs attract other pests such as moles, skunks, and raccoons who will destroy your grass in an effort to reach an easy meal. In short, the grubs have to go.
Most Memorable
Father's Day Gift CONTEST


Father's Day gifts can run the gamut from hideous tie to treasured keepsake. We want to hear about your Most Memorable Father's Day Gift...whether you were the one giving it or the father receiving it. Post your most memorable Father's Day Gift on K&B True Value's Facebook page, and if you have a picture to grab our attention, even better!  A winner will be chosen and win two tickets to the Orioles vs. Indians game on June 27 at 7:30 pm. Now that's a great Father's Day gift!