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Spring Yard Spruce Up
with Bagged Topsoil, Mulch & Compost

Topsoil. Comprised of the top layer of soil covering the earth's surface, topsoil is a general purpose soil that can be used to build gardens, repair lawns and improve drainage.
It can be mixed with fertilizer and organic material.

Mulch. Mulch inhibits weeds, helps hold in soil moisture amd helps keep plant roots cooler in summer. PLUS IT LOOKS GOOD!

LOCAL Organic Compost. If you don't have a composter, LeafgroŽ is a good alternative and an outstanding example of recycling at its best. The Maryland Environmental Service (MES) composts leaves and grass clippings that might normally have been disposed of in landfill to make Leafgro. Like any compost, Leafgro is a soil conditioner filled with colonies of microorganisms that quickly break down any fertilizer, making it much easier for your plants to take in.

Have questions about how to use topsoil, mulch or compost?
Be sure to come in and ask Greg King, our Garden Manager who has years of expertise in making gardens grow!