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Indoor Painting Projects
February's gloom can make it feel like spring is an eternity away. That said, this is a fantastic time to get some interior home painting projects done since you're stuck in the house!

Start by taking a look at your walls. Is the color looking a little dingy? Or do you just need a change? It's easy. Seriously. In fact, as far as home projects go, painting is beginner's level. Below are some tips and links to get you started. And you can always ask one of our in-house experts for advice!

Choose a Color Scheme. Just choosing your favorite color and picking up a paint brush probably won't get you where you want to go. Different colors can make you feel energized or relaxed.

Choose the Right Finish. Basically, a paint sheen or finish is the surface texture the paint creates. Flat paint helps hide imperfections while a gloss sheen highlights them.

Paint Responsibly. Low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint is better for you and the environment. Use a low VOC paint and only buy as much as you need.

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