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Light Bulbs 101

We watch you folks in our light bulb aisle--looking at one box of bulbs, then another--scratching your chin in befuddlement. We feel you. We really do. The world of light bulbs has gotten very confusing over the past couple of years, hasn't it?

To make it simple, you basically have three choices--LED, CFL, and halogen--when it comes to light bulbs. And each type has their advantages.

LED bulbs last the longest and use a lot less electricity than any other bulb but you will pay a bit more for them. On the other hand, you'll buy fewer over time, so you'll spend less with an LED bulb over its lifetime.

Note: Not all LED bulbs are created equally. Our LED bulbs cast light in all directions, like you expect. Discount bulbs available elsewhere only cast light in limited directions. 


CFLs are essentially compact versions of florescent lights in bulb form. The light produced by CFLs is very similar to that of traditional incandescent bulbs, and they are cheaper than LEDs. However, they can take a minute or so to achieve full brightness when turned on. CFLs also contain mercury, which means that care needs to be taken with disposal.

Halogen bulbs make a great option if you aren't ready to try LEDs and you don't like the look of CFLs. Halogen bulbs emit a light that is most like traditional incandescent bulbs, but they are far more energy-efficient. They don't last as long and are not as energy-efficient as LEDs, but they cost less.

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