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Marylanders are not generally a winter people and Maryland's native birds are not fans either. They hang around, but it can be tough. It's important to show a little solidarity for our feathered friends and help keep them fed through spring.

You can't simply buy any old bag of seed and toss handfuls into the backyard! There is science involved. Certain birds only eat certain foods, so you have to pay attention to which of your winged friends are hanging around. For example:
  • Suet is a high-energy, all-purpose bird food enjoyed by woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, jays, starlings, and cardinals.
  • Finch blend is made especially for finches who are more finicky eaters.
  • Dried mealworms are preferred by Bluebirds, wrens, and robins.

Of course squirrels like all of it--we do carry dried corn (squirrel "caviar") for those of you who want take pity on the little thieves.

Along with a wide variety of seed and suet, we carry a great selection of bird feeders, many of which are squirrel-proof. Be sure to check the instructions to make sure you install at the right height for the birds' liking.