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Space Heaters
Welcome to the dead of winter, a time that is so gloomily cold, that even your furnace or heat pump can't completely take the edge off the temps. That's where a space heater comes into play.

And these aren't your parents' space heaters, either. They are sleeker, safer, and more energy efficient than those from the past. That said, you have a few choices depending on your preferences (speed, efficiency, noise, cost, style).

Infrared Quartz: The most technologically-advanced of space heaters, they are the most efficient at heating specific areas, without drying out the air in the process. They also heat a room quickly and are fairly quiet. Plus, they are stylish enough to blend into your décor.

Radiant: Sealed, oil heaters work in much the same way that old-school radiators do...they conserve heat and distribute it effectively, efficiently, and inexpensively. Radiant heaters are the quietest, but they take 20-30 minutes to heat an area.

Ceramic: Compact units that come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are best used for individual spaces such as offices and bedrooms. Although not as quiet or efficient as radiant heaters, they heat an area quickly and come in a range of prices, depending on durability desired.

Utility or Fan Heaters: These are heater/fan combinations that work best for larger areas. They work quickly and are inexpensive, but are louder than other options and are not efficient.

We have a variety of space heaters in stock and many others available online (with free shipping to our store). Ask one of our in-house experts for advice on what space heater will work best for you!

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