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Spring is a promise. Summer is an experience. Autumn is contentment. Winter-well winter is survival. It is a battle of wills between you and Mother Nature.

Let's face it. In Chesapeake Country, we eye winter with suspicion. In fact, it seems to take us by surprise every year. Take the offensive this year by making quick work of the snow and ice! Do not surrender.

We carry ice scrapers of all kinds to make quick work of frozen windshields. Stock up on de-icing windshield wiper fluid to make quick work of freezing rain during your dark, morning commute. Big shovels, little shovels, shovels with ergonomic handles-we have them all to blast through the snow, and ice melt of all kinds to make sure your front walk stays a lawsuit-free zone!

That storm earlier this week was a warning shot by winter to let us know it's not fooling around. Arm yourself. It is a battle!

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