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Updating 50 Year Old Walls
Annapolis Middle School Wins Painting
a Brighter Future Grant

True Value Foundation
Annapolis Middle School has been replacing its blackboards and whiteboards with new, computerized SmartBoards which allow a more interactive experience for students.

The new SmartBoards are a different size and shape than the old blackboards and somewhat newer whiteboards they are replacing. Over 50 years old, the walls behind the older boards had been painted every color of the rainbow with no shade matching the school's current cream walls. When you're talking upgrading 40 classrooms, that's a lot of cream colored paint-paint which was not in the school's budget.

Through the True Value's Painting a Brighter Future Grant, Annapolis Middle was awarded 40 gallons of paint. K&B True Value was able to match the school's cream colored walls and over the summer the walls were painted making the upgrade to SmartBoards seamless. K&B True Value not only helped with the paint, they also helped with brushes and tarps.

Could your school use some paint?  Annapolis Middle and Eastport Elementary have both received Painting a Brighter Future Grants. Applications are being accepted for 2015 grants NOW through November 30, 2014.  APPLY for a Painting a Brighter Future Grant for your school.
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K&B True Value Nominated for Small Business of the Year Award

On October 22, the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce will be recognizing a number of area businesses and individuals. K&B True Value has been nominated for the 2014 Small Business of the Year Award. Regardless of whether or not we win, we're proud to have been nominated!

To help your school, just tell our cashiers which school you want to support and that school will get credit for your purchase. After the program, we will give each school a check for 10% of those purchases.
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