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4th Of July Circular

When it comes to 4th of July gatherings, the old adage "the more, the merrier" almost always applies. With humans, that is. The thing is, insects also love a good party, but they're much less fun to hang out with than your friends and family.
Don't let mosquitos and other insects get in the way of your fun this 4th of July.  K&B True Value has a wide variety of options to help control all types of bugs, from sprays and bug bands to tiki torches and citronella candles. Stop in and pick out some options for your party today and at a fabulous price! 

citronella candle

USA Citronella Candle
16oz Metal Bucket 
Sale $3.99 Reg. $8.49 
SKU 104844

Celebrating the 4th just wouldn't feel right without watching a colorful display of fireworks light up the sky with family and friends, but for most, the traditions don't stop there. Many will be taking to the outdoors next weekend to fire up their grills.  When this time of year rolls around, an important question always pops up. Charcoal or gas? Many people prefer the charcoal taste, but love the convenience that gas offers.
Gas or charcoal grill, everybody has an opinion on the best type but everybody agrees almost anything tastes better when cooked on the grill.  K&B carries a variety of grill from charcoal and tabletop to beautiful propane models.  And remember we can refill your propane tank, we are open on the 4th! 


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Save the date for our 1st Hardware Rodeo, geared towards our tool lovers! 
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