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At an all-you-can-can-eat buffet, college students Dan and Craig noticed how much food was being wasted. They learned that food waste, instead of clogging landfills, could be turned into beneficial gardening products. Today, what started as a dorm project has become EcoScraps, a leader in organic compost and gardening products. EcoScraps plant foods are nutrient dense and meet the highest organic industry standards. New to K&B TrueValue, EcoScraps are good for your garden and good for the earth.

PROBLEM: Pet Urine Spots in Your Lawn
SOLUTION:  EcoScraps Lawn Saver
is used directly on dog spots to neutralize salts and improve soil structure and condition. It helps prevent and repair those ugly bare spots caused by your 4-legged family members.

K&B True Value carries a wide variety of EcoScraps plant food for all types of gardens.
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All Purpose Plant Food
Liquid - Hose End Spray
Easy Application!

Tomato and Veggie Plant Food

Have a cloudy pool that you can't figure out the issue? How about a strange colored substance on the bottom of your pool? Bring us a small sample of your pool water and we will test it to test it, FREE! Let us help your pool be crystal clear this year!

LeakFree System -Guaranteed not to leak from faucet to hose to watering tool through a patented triple seal technology.

Save the date for our 1st Hardware Rodeo, geared towards our tool lovers! 
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K&B True Value can order and deliver items directly to your business. 
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