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Quit Zapping & Start Trapping!
New Dynatrap Bug Trap
Mosquitoes and other insects get in the way of enjoying summer outdoor activities as well as posing a health risk. But it's been hard to find a kid and earth friendly way to eliminate insects in your yard... until now. 

The NEW Dynatrap can be used indoors and outdoors and is:
  • Pesticide/Odor Free
  • Lightweight, easy to assemble and install.
  • No propane or gas needed. 
Dynatrap uses a unique, non-toxic method for insect elimination. Like bug zappers, Dynatrap's UV fluorescent bulb produces a warm light which attracts flying insects. But Dynatrap also has a titanium dioxide coating which emits carbon dioxide--irresistible to mosquitoes. Once attracted, insects are sucked into the trap by a fan. With no harmful pesticides or fumes, Dynatrap is the safe way to control insects in your yard this summer. K&B True Value has several models to choose from, stop in a take a look today!

Click here for more info on the Dynatrap and which model is best for your yard.

1/2 Acre Coverage Dynatrap  
only $99 

1 Acre Coverage Dynatrap
only $189.87
Brown Patches in Your Lawn? You Could Have Grubs
If patches of your lawn look brown even though they're well watered, you could have a grub problem. Grubs, the larvae form of beetles, are white and C-shaped. Grubs prefer sunny areas where they eat and tunnel through your lawn's root system. Killing grubs now will help your lawn but it's equally important to kill grubs before they develop into beetles that can destroy your garden.  We recommend treating your lawn in June/July to prevent
grubs from developing into beetles.
This Week's Specials
Conventional & Organic Grub Control 
Sevin 10lb All Purpose Insect Killer
Works for Grubs and most other insects - Granular
Only $ 11.99

20lb Milky Spore
 Organic Option!
Covers 7,000 sq/ft
Only $47.99
Thank You for Voting for Us
"Best Local Hardware Store"

We would like to thank everyone who voted for us in the Capital's Readers Choice Awards.To express our appreciation, we're giving you 
$5 off your next $25 purchase.
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Hurry, Sale ends June 9, 2014

 K&B True Value Delivers!

Those 15 bags of mulch or water conditioner supplies too much to cart home in your car?
No problem! K&B delivers!.
Ask about delivery at check or get details here
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K&B True Value can order and deliver items directly to your business. 
 Click here for more info and  available items or email: kenp@kbtruevalue.com 
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