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Did you know that preparing and protecting your deck is key to maintaining a long deck life.  Most people don't want the hassle of staining every year, if you follow the proper steps and select a quality stain your deck should be protected up to 3 years, depending on the stain you choose.  Don't wait, spring temps are ideal for a great finished product.


How Do You Know It's Time to Stain? 
The Splash Test 
Take a cup of water and sprinkle it on the wood. If the water beads up like it would on a car that's just been waxed, you can probably wait to re-apply stain. If the water doesn't absorb, neither will the stain.  
NOTE: If the water is beading up, do NOT apply another coat of stain just to be "safe." The stain will not dry properly making the wood surface tacky attracting dirt and pollen. 

New construction - If you just built a deck or fence with pressure treated lumber, make sure the wood has dried out before you stain--usually 30-90 days. If the wood is moist, it won't absorb the stain properly. 

Not sure where to start? Not only does K&B True Value have expert advice  we carry many options for cleaning and sealing your outdoor wood.  Come in and talk to us today! 

Mold Armor 
E-Z Deck Wash
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ZAR Deck and Siding Stain
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