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Spring and fall are both excellent times to plant new grass seed. Whether you need to patch a small dead spot or reseed your entire lawn, planting grass seed is easy and it doesn't take long to see results.  Early spring is the second-best time to start a cool-season lawn from seed. The young grass has less time to become established before the onset of hot weather than in the fall, but you can get good results if you start now. With a little work you can get your lawn looking lush and green.

  • Remove Loose Debris - Make sure your area is stick, stone, and leaf free.
  • Prepare the Soil - Get rid of any weeds by pulling or tilling which will also discourage any further weed growth.
  • Test Soil PH - Buy a test kit so you can make any adjustments to your soil before seeding. The correct PH is important to get your grass going.
  • Rake/Loosen Top 1/4" of Soil- Making the soil "loose" helps the grass seed grow roots. If you have difficult soil such as clay, try Johnathan Green's "Love Your Soil" additive, a 100% natural product at a great price (see below). 
  • Level Area - Make sure the area is level to prevent water from collecting.
  • Spread Starter Fertilizer with a Spreader
    Do not use any other fertilizer or weed killer when seeding your lawn except starter fertilizer such as Scotts Step 1 for Seeding.
    Starter fertilizer helps promote root growth for a new lawn. Apply fertilizer with a spreader according to settings listed on the bag. Use a spreader for the type of seeding you're doing. 
a. Broadcast Spreader - meant for large lawns without many flower beds or other areas that you DO NOT want grass to grow. This spreader tends to send a "fan" of grass seed to cover large areas.
b. Drop Spreader - meant for smaller lawns or lawns that have many flower beds, this spreader basically drops the seed close to the path your pushing.
  • Grass Seed- Selecting the correct type of grass seed for the area you are seeding (i.e. sun or shade).  K&B True Value associates can help you chose the right type of seed for the areas you want to seed.  
  • Water, Water, Water! - Watering is very important to growth and root development. Water your seeds and new sprouts lightly at least once a day.
  • Fertilize- Once your new seed is established and growing, you will want to fertilize your lawn in the late fall to feed your lawn during those tough winter months.
These are the basics for seeding but, click here for more on how to make your grass look lush and green.


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