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Looking Back...

Ken and Bobbie Niefeld started "The Hardware House" (later K&B True Value) on Forest Drive in 1974 but it was milestone year in other ways...

Scanning bar codes at store checkouts is something we take for granted today but they were first tested in 1974 at a supermarket in Troy, OH. The first product scanned? A pack of Wrigley gum.

Streaking is a fad. For those of you who don't know, "streaking" was running naked in front of a crowd at a sporting or other large event. (This is a fad we hope is not coming back anytime soon.)

Forget notebooks or tablets. The hot tech product was a pocket calculator and they weren't cheap, costing $30-$60.

With an estimated 20-25 miles
per gallon, the
Pinto is the #1 selling car.

Blazing Saddles is the #1 movie and Barbara Streisand's
They Way We Were tops the music charts.

Michael and Jennifer are the most popular baby names.

Quite a few businesses in Annapolis were family owned and operated in 1974. And 40 years ago, knowing many of your customers by name and giving back to the community was a given. K&B True Value is glad technology has progressed since 1974 but know some things should never change.

Ken helping a customer in 1974.
Looking Forward... Spring is Coming!
Organic Lawn Care
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KB True Value | Growing an Organic Lawn and Garden
KB True Value | Growing an Organic Lawn and Garden

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