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1974... gas was 55 a gallon, polyester clothing was "in" and All in the Family was the number one TV show. It was a very special year for K&B True Value because 1974 is when Ken and Bobbie Niefeld (pictured above) started "The Hardware House" a True Value cooperative store on Forest Drive. 


Fast forward twenty years, when Jared Littmann, the Niefeld's son-in-law and his wife, Marlene Niefeld, bought a majority interest in K&B True Value. Since 2004, they've worked hard towards continuing the same ideals K&B True Value was founded on: the right products at the right prices; expert, friendly staff; and a commitment to giving back to the community.  In addition to these core family values, Jared and Marlene have brought a re-focus on environmentally-friendly products and practices to K&B True Value.


K&B True Value thinks forty years serving the community is something to celebrate! We will host a ANNIVERSARY PARTY on March 29 but look for special sales and surprises all year long to commemorate our 40th anniversary. Thank you Annapolis!


Now that trash pick-up in our area has gone to once a week, do you have a large enough trash can? We have large, (32, 48, and 64 Gallon) heavy duty trashcans at a competitive price.
32 Gallon Trashcan Sale $57.97 Reg.$59.97
48 Gallon Trashcan Sale $64.97 Reg $69.97
64 Gallon Trashcan Sale $67.97 Reg $69.97
32 Gallon Recycle Bin Sale $64.97 Reg. $77.97
48 Gallon Recycle Bin Sale $69.97 Reg $97.97
64 Gallon Recycle Bin Sale $79.97 Reg. $117.97

Circular Ends January 26, 2014

Don't forget, we deliver!
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February 1, 2014
Valentine's Day is coming and we will be making Valentine's Day boxes at this Fun, FREE event including storytime! No registration is necessary. Bring your child!

 K&B True Value Delivers!

Those 15 bags of mulch or water conditioner supplies too much to cart home in your car?

No problem! K&B delivers!.
Ask about delivery at check or get details here
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