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Get ready for the holidays with a fresh coat of paint!

Nothing changes the appearance of a home interior faster, or more effectively, than a fresh coat of paint. This type of remodeling is affordable even in the gift-giving season, typically costing a do-it-yourselfer less than $100 a room. Giving a room an entirely new appearance at holiday-time will help lift your spirits and your guest's. K&B True Value has high quality interior and exterior paint on sale for ONE week ONLY! Stop in today to pick out a color!   


Not sure what color scheme to use?  Click here for some Helpful Hints when Choosing a Color Scheme 
Not sure how much paint you will need?
Use the True Value paint calculator!

Click here for a printable coupon.

Deep frying turkey started in the South but it's caught on throughout the U.S. because it makes for a more moist, delicious bird on the table. If you've ever considered deep frying your holiday turkey, now's the time to do it!

We have outdoor turkey fryers in stock at a price that's competitive with the "big box" stores!

 K&B True Value Delivers!

Those 15 bags of mulch or water conditioner supplies too much to cart home in your car?
No problem! K&B delivers!.
Ask about delivery at check or get details here
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