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Leaves Are Natural
So What's the Big Deal?
Trees are important to air and water quality.  But their leaves can have a negative effect on our rivers and creeks and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay.


A leaf decaying in a creek or river uses twice as much oxygen as it does on land. Decaying leaves also release nitrogen into the water increasing growth of algae blooms again reducing oxygen available for fish, plants, and other aquatic life. Depleted oxygen is the driving force behind "dead zones" in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries.


What can you do? Bag, mulch or compost your leaves. Believe it or not, stopping leaves from washing into area waterways via storm drains is a very simple and effective way YOU can help protect the Bay.

Learn more about how you can help preserve Maryland's rivers, creeks and the Chesapeake Bay by visiting the Watershed Stewards Academy


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Thank You Ladies!

Thank you every lady who attended our event!! We hope the how-to demonstrations were useful and thate everyone had a great time. Congratulations to Holly Hoebreckx, our $250 Shopping Spree winner, who used her winnings to purchase a cordless drill and a cordless driver which she learned how to use during the event.

For those who attended, don't forget to fill out your survey so you can use 50% off coupon the next time you come in to shop.

2013 Tug of War
No, K&B True Value didn't have a team at this year's Tug of War. But along with Annapolis Green and others, we did support recycling efforts at the event. Congratulations to Eastport for another win.

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