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Looking for a Warm Home: Fruit Flies 

Like many pests this time of year, fruit flies are looking for a warm home--your home--as the weather cools. These tiny nuisances can quickly multiply in number, and be tough to get rid of. So how did these fruit flies get in your kitchen? Contrary to

the old wives' tale, this isn't a case of spontaneous generation. 

Fruit flies can lay up to 500 eggs at a time near the surface of fermenting (ripening) foods or other organic materials. Fruit flies have notoriously fast life cycles; they can go from egg to adult in just 8 days. That means one overly ripe tomato left unused on your counter can give rise to a small fruit fly swarm within a week. Fruit flies are also known for their persistence once indoors. Because these insects are so tiny, they can get in through window screens or crevices around windows or doors. Once inside, they reproduce and don't even need fruit to keep reproducing. Fruit flies can breed in the slime layer inside slow-draining plumbing, or on an old, sour mop or sponge. 
If you have fruit flies, traps can be effective in eliminating the problem and K&B has them!
Terro Fruit Fly Trap
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Another Critter Looking to Make a Fall Move: Ants 


Typically, ants are attracted to a variety of food types including carbohydrates (sugars), proteins (meats), fats and oils but cooler weather can make them particularly active.. Colonies, or "nests", are located in protected places in walls, under floors, under cabinets, and such and individual colonies can be quite large with thousands of ants. 


Your first step should be sanitation. Clean up crumbs, cooking oil, and all sources of water. This alone will go a long way toward reducing ant problems by depriving foraging ants of food and water. Also, patch holes around pipes and wires that pass into the living space. Ants use these "highways" to gain entry from colonies located in walls, the crawlspace, and so forth. 


Baits work much better than conventional insecticides because of the unique way worker ants feed the colony, including the queen. K&B True Value carries many varieties of baits/traps and conventional sprays.  

6pk Terro Ant Traps
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