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null Plant Bulbs Now for a Beautiful Spring 

Supplying years of spring color, flower bulbs are a good investment of your time and the money. Fall is prime time for planting hardy spring flowering bulbs because they can be planted until the ground is frozen. Flower bulbs provide an easy, low maintenance way to add color to your yard year after year. The basic steps are:

  1. Pick bulbs - Hardy bulbs are planted during the Fall before the ground freezes and are "hardy" enough to withstand winter temps. Not sure? Ask one of our in-house experts.
  2. Pick a spot(s) to plant - Bulbs need lots of sunlight, however they do emerge before the leaves begin to grow on trees, giving you more areas to choose from.
  3. Prepare soil - Rake the area and make sure it has proper drainage and is free of weeds.
  4. Lay out the bulbs in the pattern you choose- this will help you imagine what they'll look like when they come up.
  5. Dig holes for bulbs - depending on how you want the bulbs to grow and what the recommended depth is for each. (i.e larger holes for areas where you want "clumps" of flowers)
  6. Plant the bulbs - Bulbs with a teardrop shape are planted pointy side up. Bulbs that are flat, plant them flat side up.
  7. Add a little fertilizer- for healthier flower growth, add bone meal or bulb food.
  8. Cover the bulbs with soil and mulch- pat them in to make sure they are secured in the hole then water. Cover them with mulch to protect.
  9. Done! Relax and wait for Spring!

For more on how to plant bulbs, click here.


K&B True Value has a variety of bulbs from Tulips and Paper Whites to Narcissus and Crocus. Right now we have special pricing if you buy in bulk. We also have all the tools, fertilizer and mulch you need for this easy weekend project.

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Speaking of Paint...
Painting a Brighter Future Program
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