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A Greener Way to Heat Your Home This Winter
null While we still have warm days ahead, colder weather is coming. Now's a good time to start thinking about keeping your home warm this winter - efficiently and environmentally-friendlyWood pellets, made from recycled sawdust otherwise destined for a landfill, burn more efficiently than cut wood and generate less harmful emissions. Wood pellet fuel is a cost effective, renewable heating choice that reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. Bags of wood pellets also don't create the mess and attract insects like cut wood can.


In the past, pellets could only be used in special stoves but inserts have been developed that allow any fireplace or wood stove to convert to wood pellet fuel (read more at ThisOldHouse). Using wood pellets to help heat your home helps the environment and saves you money.


We have Lignetics Wood Pellet Fuel in stock NOW at a special price when you buy by the pallet. And don't forget, we can deliver them! 

Lignectics Wood Pellets 40lb bags (50 bags to a pallet)
Regularly $5.49 per bag  NO COUPON NECESSARY 
Earn Free Stuff for Your School
Now through October 31, K&B True Value will donate 10% of your purchase (in the form of a K&B True Value gift card) to the area school of your choice. The gift card can be used to purchase a coffee maker for the teachers' lounge, painting supplies and more!
Be sure to mention your school when you shop at K&B True Value and encourage everyone you know to do the same.

Speaking of Paint...
Painting a Brighter Future Program
In 2011, Eastport Elementary received a grant for 40 gallons of paint from True Value which they used to repaint their multi-purpose room. Maybe it could be your school this year!  Apply for a Painting a Brighter Future paint grant for your school. Applications are due Nov. 30, 2013

 K&B True Value Delivers!

Those 15 bags of mulch or water conditioner supplies too much to cart home in your car?
No problem! K&B delivers!.
Ask about delivery at check or get details here
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