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Tips to De-Clutter
Your Home
A clutter-free home has obvious benefits, but for many of us, the task can seem overwhelming.Try starting with one room or area and remember it doesn't have to get done in one day. Here are some tips for tackling the clutter.
Before You Start. Find boxes or storage containers and label each in one of these categories:
  • Put Away/Return is for stuff that doesn't belong in the space you're de-cluttering-other people's junk, items that belong somewhere else, etc.
  • Keep This is for things you need or want and belong in the space you're de-cluttering. Use this standard: You use it regularly, like it and it has a place in the space. This category is also for stuff you can't figure out what to do with quickly or don't have a place for it right now.
  • Pass On is for items to give to charity or sell at a garage sale-anything you don't need but is too good to throw away.
  • Fix should only be used for items really worth fixing. If you haven't managed to get around to fixing the thing for 5 years, don't save it.
  • Trash/recycle bins for obvious trash.

Empty the Space -Take everything out of the space and give it a good cleaning.


Sort - Challenge yourself to cut the amount of stuff you have by a third or half. Try to touch each item only once, quickly making a decision as to which box it belongs. Ask yourself:When was the last time I used this? How often do I use it? If I didn't have this anymore, what impact would it have on my life? How easily could I get another one if I needed it?


Put Away Your Keep Items  If you are unsure of where an item belongs, instead of thinking "Where can I store this?" think "Where do I use this?" While you're working through these boxes, note whether the items fit the function of the space you're de-cluttering.


Deal with Put Away/Return Items - These items belong somewhere else and are finding their way into the wrong space. Remember, putting stuff away is a habit. Start today.


Trash or Pass On Items: Get Rid of Them Now! 

Take the trash and recycling out of the house for the next pickup. Put those library books that need to be returned and donation items in the car now. 


Have children? Here are some more helpful tips for Getting Organized for Back to School. 


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