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With mid-May to August being the primary season for ticks, we're
now right in the middle of it.Tiny parasites, ticks feed on the blood of humans and animals.
There are more than 850 species of ticks, many of which can carry disease including Lyme Disease.


Deer ticks in their younger stage are about the size of a poppy seed and are the main source of transmitting

Lyme Disease. Typically, the likelihood of transmission from a tick to a person increases the longer the tick is attached. Because these ticks are small and their bite is usually painless, they can go unnoticed.  


The best way to AVOID getting bitten by a tick: 

  • Stay out of heavily wood areas and tall grasses
  • Wear long sleeves and light colored clothing so you can spot them easier
  • Use bug spray containing DEET or Permethrin
  • Inspect areas that are prone after an afternoon in the woods. Ticks like warm areas such as arm pits, groin and in your hair.

TO REMOVE TICKS: If you get a tick, don't panic! Click here for the proper way to remove a tick. 


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2013 Dad is the Best Griller winner

Congratulations to Nicole Parson winner of the Huffy Mountain Bike!


Her "Kids' Dad" is the Best Griller because... "He cranks up the music and dances around with the kids while the food is cooking!"  


Good stuff but it was what what she wrote after this that made her the winner. 


"...My husband (Chris Thomas) and I have two boys ages 6 and 9 and I don't think a summer day goes by without us finding a way to use our grill. Something about the family time and sitting outside is the BEST feeling! My two boys and I go for bike rides all the time in the neighborhood and when I saw your post about the free bike... I know he (my husband) would LOVE to go bike riding with us.


Last year at this time I would not have said this because he was 348 lbs...but (Chris)... is down 85 lbs and is now able to be the Dad that he has always wanted to be. Our family is so proud of him and appreciates all he does for our little family!  I know that every day is a challenge but with the right tools I am sure he will meet his goal!


Congratulations Nicole & way to go Chris Thomas! Enjoy your new bike!

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