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Your outdoor furniture can take a beating from Mother Nature. Whether your outdoor furniture's wood, metal or even plastic, this article tells you the tools and tips you'll need to make it look even better than new. 

Getting the Most Out of a Can of Paint
  • Exposure to air is what makes the paint harden, so minimizing the amount of times the can is open is crucial.
  • Gather all your tools, tape, and drop cloths before opening the can.
  • Never dip the brush or roller directly in the can. They will pick up dust/dirt and contaminate the fresh paint. Use a pan.
  • When finished, clean the lid and well of excess paint to guarantee a good seal and place can in a climate-controlled environment. Moisture from concrete, stone, or tile floors can distort the paint color.
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Brown Patches in Your Lawn?
That Often Means Grubs
If patches of your lawn look brown
even though they're well watered, you could have a grub problem. Grubs, the larvae form of beetles, are white and C-shaped. Grubs prefer sunny areas where they eat and tunnel through your lawn's root system. Killing grubs now will help your lawn but it's equally important to kill grubs before they develop into beetles that can destroy your garden. We recommend treating your lawn in June/July to prevent grubs from developing into beetles.
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Father's Day Gift Ideas
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