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We will be closed on Easter Sunday March 31, 2013.   
We will re-open on Monday April 1, 2013 at 7am - 8pm.  
(Starting April 1, 2013)
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Spring Boat Prep Made Easier 

Boating season is fast approaching. But that can mean a lot of work getting your boat in the water. K&B True Value carries many boating supplies to make the job easier, including:  


Mirka Abranet®: Great for Boats 
and More

A new product to our store this season, Mirka Abranet® sandpaper offers advantages over traditional sandpaper not only for boat sanding but other projects around your home. Made of a mesh technology using Abranet®, Mirka Sandpaper minimizes dust in the work environment and won't rip and tear at the edges like traditional sandpaper. Particles attached to the mesh create a net of abrasive that can easily contour to complex and curved shapes. K&B TrueValue carries many types and grits for a variety of boat and home projects. 


Interlux Paints & Coatings...  

at Competitive Price!
For over a century, Interlux has been creating the most innovative coating solutions to protect, beautify and improve the performance of all types of boats. Interlux products use Micron® Technology which provides: 

  • Long lasting, multi-season protection
  • Controlled polishing that reduces paint build up, eliminating the need for sanding
  • a smoother surface than hard anti-foulings to maximizing fuel savings 

K&B TrueValue carries a GREAT selection of Interlux products from bottom paint to topside paint as well as marine varnish-all at a competitive price!  

Lawn Spring Weed Prevention

Even though they might not yet be visable, weeds are lurking in your lawn. Scotts HALTS Crabgrass Preventer stops crabgrass seeds from germinating. Keep in mind, herbicides like HALTS will also prevent other types of seeds from germinating so don't put down where you've put down grass seed.

Organic Alternative. Jonathon Green lawn care products use
corn gluten meal to prevent the germination of crabgrass and other weeds. While not as effective as chemically based herbicides in the short term, Jonathon Green products are safe around pets and kids.
K&B TrueValue carries a full line of Scotts and Jonathon Green lawn care products as well as spreaders and grass seed. Get your lawn ready for spring! 

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Email Only Specials
Mirka 25pk
5" or 6" Autonet
Sale $39.99 - $59.99
Assorted Grits
Mirka 50 pk
HD Abranet 5" or 6"
Sale: $39.99 - $54.99
Assorted Grits
Email Only Specials
Micron CSC
Blue, Black & Green
Sale: $203.97
Reg: $261.99
Micron Extra
Blue, Red, Dark Blue, Black
Reg: $308.99 
Coming soon... 

Micron CF Paint - copper free.
We will carry blue, black & green.
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No problem! K&B delivers!.
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