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Safe Snow Shoveling
Loading a shovel with 16 pounds of snow about 12 times a minute translates into moving 192 pounds. That's almost 2,000 pounds you're lifting in just over 10 minutes! If you are inactive and have a history of heart trouble, talk to your doctor before you take on shoveling snow. Even if you exercise regularly and are not at risk for heart disease, the combination of heavy lifting and cold weather can result in injuries to your back and shoulder muscles.  


Here are some tips for safer shoveling:

  • Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is an issue in cold winter as well as hot.
  • Dress in several layers so you can remove a layer as needed.
  • Warm up before shoveling by walking for a few minutes or marching in place. Warm muscles work more efficiently and are less likely to be injured.
  • Pick the right shovel for you. A smaller blade will require you to lift less snow, putting less strain on your body. 
  • Lift with your legs not your back. Bend your knees and keep your back as straight as possible so the lift comes from your leg muscles, not your back. Never bend at the waist. Step in the direction that you are throwing snow. This will help prevent the lower back from twisting and help prevent any back soreness. 
  • Pick-up smaller loads of snow. It's best to shovel by sections. If you are experiencing snowfall levels of 12-inches or higher, take it easy and shovel 2-inches off at a time. 
  • Listen to your body. Stop if you feel pain or observe heart attack warning signs that may include: chest pain as well as shoulder, neck or arm pain; dizziness, fainting, sweating or nausea; or shortness of breath.   
Save on Heating Costs:
Eden PURE Heaters
Using a space heater to heat the room you're in and turning down your furnace can help you save on heating costs this winter. However, many traditional electric space heaters can be energy hogs, not ultimately saving you money. In addition, the exposed heating elements can be a fire threat as welling as posing a burn hazard to children and pets. 

EdenPURE heaters have no exposed heating elements and the outer shell casing only gets warm to the touch-your cat can sleep on it. Studies have shown using the Eden PURE heater in conjunction with your regular heating system (turning down the thermostat a couple of degrees) can provide significant savings on your electric bill.  Eden PURE Heaters are a cost efficient way to supplement your home heating system, are UL rated and environmentally friendly.  K&B True Value offers 3 Eden PURE units at competitive prices:

Reg. $249 Sale: $197
Small heater with big punch. 
Only 15 lb., heats up to 1,000 sq. ft. 3 Year Warranty. SKU 161275

Reg. $449 Sale: $297
Portable heater with 3 copper heating chambers and six infrared bulbs. 35 lbs., heats up to 1,000 sq. ft., 5,000 BTUs, 12.6 amps in full power mode.
Rolling casters make it easy to move. 3 Year Warranty.
SKU 124024

Reg. $472 Sale: $375
Similar to the Gen 3, but more efficient and made in the USA!
37 lbs., heats up to 1,000 sq. ft., 5,000 BTUs, 12.6 amps in full power. Its 3 Sylvania infrared quartz bulbs provide the same heat more efficiently with fewer bulbs.  5 Year Warranty.  A customer favorite!
SKU 137699


Save $5   

20" Back Saver Shovel

Great shovel for people with back issues!

Reg. $29.99 Sale: $24.99

Click here for a printable coupon.

SKU 628562


 Back saver shovel 



Save $2

on 25 lb. Safe Step Salt

Great for pets & kids!

Reg. $13.99 Sale: $11.99

Click here for a printable coupon

SKU 538637





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