K&B True Value's 5th Annual Ladies' Night
K&B True Value
912 Forest Drive
Annapolis, MD 21403

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Sunday November 11, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM EST
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K&B True Value's 2012 Ladies' Night is this Sunday! If you are attending, then please continue reading below.  If you know someone that might be interested, please forward this to them.  If you have no interest in Ladies' Night, then please just note our early closing hours this Sunday:


Store Hours, Nov. 11:

7 AM - 5 PM.

Event Hours, Nov. 11:

6 PM - 8 PM.



We're excited for this event and hope you are too. We expect over 150 attendees, and we have 90 parking spaces, so PLEASE carpool or get dropped off and picked up!


Here are links to get you a little extra excited and to help you get settled in quickly. First, check out our Program, so you know what, when, and where everything will happen. Next, note that we will have 4 demonstrations in our store (store map) and 7 next door in open office space (office map). As you can see, we've spread out the locations of the demonstrations to maximize the space. We'll have a few chairs at each demonstration; please save them for the neediest.

You'll get to choose from 11 great demonstrations (see below), and enjoy the following treats that night:

  • 15% off almost everything (excludes sale and discounted items)!
  • Hundreds of $$ in raffle prizes!
  • Free gift bags heavy with goodies (starting at 7 PM)!
  • Refreshments, including desserts from Palate Pleasers and Glazey Days Donuts.

This year's Grand Prize is a $250 shopping spree! We'll announce the winner at 7 PM that night, so the winner will have 1 hour to load up her shopping cart - you may want to make a shopping list in advance.  You must be present to win.


This event's topics:
  • Insect, Animal & Rodent Control- Tim, Senior Nuisance Expert, will teach you how to keep ants, roaches, mice and other nuisance pests out of your home on or off your property.
  • Unclogging Drains- Kelsey, Home Maintenance Extraordinaire, will teach you how to keep your tub, sink, toilet and garbage disposal drains clear and in working order.
  • Installing a Faucet- Richard David, Junior Everything Expert, will show you how to replace or install a kitchen or bathroom faucet for an updated look (or for one that works).
  • Repairing Drywall - Grant, Master Drywaller, will show you how to repair your drywall surfaces to hide holes and damage.
  • Caulking - Diane, Floridian Paint Manager, will show you how to remove and apply caulk like a pro.
  • Wood Floor Care - Rachael, Resident Ms. Clean, will teach you how to maintain or bring back a shine to your wood or laminate floor, and demonstrate the Bona system and other popular techniques.
  • Rewiring Lamps - Pete, Senior Everything Expert, will teach you how to save a lamp by rewiring it. 
  • Installing a USB Recharging Outlet- Eric, Apprentice Electrician, will show you how to modernize your wall outlet by installing a charger for your devices.
  • Replacing a Door Lock- Ken, Expert Locksmith, will show you how to swap that old chipped or broken door lock for a new look or working lock.
  • Basic Tool Use - Joe, Store Manager and Big Dog, will provide an education on the essential hand and power tools you want, and how to use and maintain them safely.
  • Soda Stream - Skip Simmons from Soda Stream will show you how to make your own flavored soda at home, saving you money and a sore shoulder from lugging soda home.

Registration is still open, so feel free to invite or forward this invitation to your lady friends and family, but please have everybody register via the link below:


Register Now!

Please feel free to call, e-mail, or visit us if you have any questions, or visit us online at www.kbtruevalue.com.

Thank you for your response and for making us a great hardware store. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Jared Littmann
Tracey Welch
K&B True Value