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Emergency Supplies!!!
Hurricane Sandy is on her way!  I'm looking at the forecast for today and the timing of the rain and wind, and have concluded that, for the safety and well-being of our staff, we should close no later than 4pm. Be forewarned, that if the rain and wind pick up earlier than forecast, we may close earlier. Call or check FB for further updates. Meanwhile, we are down to AA and 9v batteries and small flashlights and are out of gas cans, lamp oil, and generators, but we have propane (bulk and small bottles), tarps, duck tape, manual can openers, ice packs (freeze ahead of time), sterno, matches, and clean up supplies, shop vacs, and sump pumps. If all goes to plan (note "if"), we will have important emergency supplies including generators Tuesday morning.
We hope everyone is safe and prepared!! We will post updates to Facebook as well as send out emails when we receive trucks with emergency materials.  Stay Safe!!
Store Hours for Hurricane Sandy
Due to the nature of the storm today and the safety of our employees will be closing NO LATER THAN 4pm TODAY. Be forewarned, that if the rain and wind pick up earlier than forecast, we may close earlier. We will post updates on Facebook when things change or if we receive any other trucks with emergency supplies.  We hope everyone is prepared and is safe with their families.  Try to stay indoors if at all possible.
Monday October 29, 2012- 7am-4pm
Tuesday October 30, 2012- TBA depending on weather and any power issues. 
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Ladies Night
November 11, 2012

We are excited to announce our 5th Annual Ladies' Night on November 11, 2012, from 6-8 PM!  All ladies are invited to this FREE event for the community.


Tentative topics for this year's event include:

  • Insect, Animal & Rodent Control 
  • Unclogging Drains 
  • Installing a Faucet 
  • Repairing Drywall
  • Caulking 
  • Wood Floor Care
  • Rewiring Lamps 
  • Installing a USB Recharging Outlet - 
  • Replacing a Door Lock 
  • Basic Tool Use
  • Soda Stream
Click Here to register for Ladies' Night
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