Join Us at the Capitol on April 20!
Support Important Pro-Life Bills
Come to Pro-Life Day at Capitol to Support Life!
Bill To Stop Dismemberment Abortions Introduced (Sign Petition)
Wednesday, April 20, 2016  |  9 AM to 3 PM
Louisiana State Capitol
Who should have a bigger showing at the Capitol, the pro-life movement or Planned Parenthood?

We are about to find out!

On Wednesday April 20, Louisiana Right to Life is hosting Pro-Life Day at the Capitol.  The VERY next day, Planned Parenthood will host its day at the Capitol.

Let's make sure we have stronger support!
We hope you join us at the Capitol on April 20. Here is what to expect (full schedule online):
  • An important committee hearing in the morning where multiple pro-life bills will be debated.
  • A Pro-Life Briefing and Lunch at noon where you will hear from key legislators advancing pro-life legislation.
  • An opportunity to visit with pro-life ministries in the Capitol Rotunda. 
  • A chance to lobby YOUR legislators to support pro-life legislation.
We are supporting a number of bills in the Legislature this session, and we need your help to get them passed. One very important bill was filed last week, and Pro-Life Day at the Capitol will give you an opportunity to discuss it in person with your legislators.

Just last week, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Bossier) filed HB 1081, The Louisiana Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Act, which would end the brutal practice of dismemberment abortion in Louisiana. A dismemberment abortion is a second trimester abortion method where the abortionist uses large forceps to seize and tear body parts from a live, unborn child.    

According to statistics from the Department of Health and Hospitals, more than 1,000 unborn children are aborted using this procedure each year in our state. This needs to stop!  
Please sign our online petition , and click here to learn moreYou can even download and print a petition sheet to take to your church!  
Your support at the Capitol will help us make a strong statement for the protection of both the mother and the child.  Please RSVP!  If you cannot make it, please help us by spreading the petition to end dismemberment abortion!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana, 

Benjamin Clapper 
Executive Director 
Louisiana Right to Life

P.S. We have several spots open for this weekend's (April 15-17) PULSE Immersion  in Baton Rouge, and this will be a weekend students won't want to miss! There will be pro-life training and hands-on activities, including a lunch at the Governor's Mansion with Gov. John Bel Edwards! Click Here to Register! Hurry before the remaining spots are filled! 
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