Metairie Abortion Facility Closed,
at Least For Now 
Facility Closed


It appears that the Causeway Medical Clinic in Metairie, one of the largest abortion facilities in Louisiana, has closed its doors, at least for the time being.

For the past few weeks, the facility has not been open and their phones have been answered by an affiliated abortion facility in Bossier City.  The receptionist in Bossier City has stated that the facility in Metairie is "temporarily closed" and is unaware of when it might reopen.

Today, it was reported individuals were on site at Causeway Medical Clinic clearing out the building, including removing boxes, carpet, and other supplies.  Details remain scarce, and for all we know, the facility may reopen at this location or in another location.  For now, however, recent reports indicate the facility has closed.

Abortions are still be performed on a regular basis at "Women's Health Care Center" in New Orleans at 2701 General Pershing Street in New Orleans.  In fact, its website states that it is the "Only Abortion Clinic in the Greater New Orleans Area."  All the while, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast continues to building its regional abortion facility on Claiborne Avenue, only a few blocks from the "Women's Health Care Center."

Over the years, the Causeway Medical Clinic facility has performed thousands and thousands of abortions, killing unborn children and damaging the lives of women and families.  With alternatives to abortion readily available, we don't need abortion facilities profiting off the destruction of human life.  Join me today in remembering the lives lost within that facility, and praying that abortions never resume at that site.

We encourage pro-life individuals in the greater New Orleans area to be peacefully and legally present to pray for and offer life-affirming resources to the women and men at the "Women's Health Care Center."  Your voice, your prayers, and your presence can make a difference. 
For a Pro-Life Louisiana

Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director 
Louisiana Right to Life 
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