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Friday, Sept. 29, 2015
Contact: Sandy Cunningham 
How Gubernatorial Candidates Stand on Life Issues   
Louisiana Right to Life Posts Non-Partisan Candidate Evaluations 

Louisiana Right to Life has posted on its website,, a non-partisan evaluation of the gubernatorial candidates, their records, and questionnaire responses prior to state elections in October.

Benjamin Clapper, executive director of Louisiana Right to Life, said, "There has been considerable discussion lately among the candidates for governor about important pro-life issues, and Louisiana Right to Life has been included in that discussion. We want to report clearly our current evaluation of candidates in a non-partisan fashion."

Gubernatorial Questionnaire Responses
So far, four candidates for governor have responded to the group's 2015 questionnaire, and all have answered the questionnaire 100% pro-life.

Sen. David Vitter, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne and Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, all Republicans, have answered the questionnaire 100 percent pro-life. Democratic candidate Cary Deaton also answered the questionnaire 100 percent pro-life, while State Rep. John Bel Edwards, the leading Democratic candidate in the race, has not answered the LARTL questionnaire.

The other gubernatorial candidates, Beryl Billiot (No Party), Jeremey Odom (No Party), Eric Paul Orgeron (Other), and S.L. Simpson (D) have also not submitted answers to LARTL's questionnaire.

Gubernatorial Candidates' Voting Records
Louisiana Right to Life's website also lists the candidates' voting records. While Angelle has not held an elected office requiring a vote or action on a pro-life issue, the other three major candidates have.
  • Sen. Vitter has a 100 percent pro-life voting record (74 of 74) while serving in the U.S. Senate from 1999-2014. He has also authored numerous pro-life measures during his tenure in Congress. 
  • Rep. Edwards has a 100 percent pro-life voting record (28 of 28) while serving in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 2008-2015.
  • Lt. Gov. Dardenne had a 62 percent pro-life voting record while serving in the Louisiana Legislature from 1992-2006. Dardenne participated in 14 life-issue votes. (Click here to view a fair and in-depth review of those votes.)
"While Louisiana Right to Life does not endorse candidates, we do report to the pro-life voters of Louisiana how candidates stand, both through their voting records and important answers to questionnaires," Clapper said. "It is important for voters to carefully evaluate both voting records and questionnaire responses prior to casting their vote. Through doing this, we can make the best choice as to the best pro-life candidate for Louisiana's future."

Louisiana Right to Life also has posted pro-life evaluations for candidates running for lieutenant governor, attorney general, the state Senate and the state House of Representatives.

Voting records and questionnaire evaluations, can be found at  
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