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Pro-Life Bill Cassidy Wins Senate Election 
Impact Made in Election by Pro-Life Movement 

Whew! It's over!

Congratulations to our new pro-life Senator-elect Bill Cassidy!


We are so happy to say that Louisiana will now be represented by TWO pro-life U.S. Senators! Louisiana is a pro-life state. It is about time both our U.S. Senators represented that reality.


The outcome today bolsters the pro-life advantage in the Senate, strengthening hope for progress on life-saving legislation and hopefully a more pro-life Supreme Court in the future. Senator-elect Cassidy has compiled a 100% pro-life record in Congress, and we look forward to working with him to advance the culture of life in the Senate. 

Louisiana Right to Life worked countless hours for more than a year to get the pro-life vote message out to voters. 

Our team blanketed the state with yard signs urging Louisianians to vote.

Here is what we did over the past year:

  • Distributed over 200,000 pieces of Voter Education literature (see photo of voter piece in a church bulletin).
  • Coordinated social media ads to educate voters and get out the pro-life vote.
  • Motivated the pro-life grassroots through  town hall meetings in more than 20 parishes  and hosting a 2,400 person tele-town hall.
  • Ran more than 2,300 radio spots to remind voters not to forget the unborn baby when they vote.
  • "Flyered" high school football games and other events to remind people where the candidates stand on life.
  • Most recently, our team strategically blanketed the state with thousands of yards signs that read "Vote Saturday Dec. 6." urging citizens to go vote.

These efforts do not include the attention-worthy pro-life political groups, such as the National Right to Life Victory Fund or the Women Speak Out PAC, that were also active over the past six months. Louisiana Right to Life's efforts were consistent with our non-partisan structure.


We want to thank our donors, staff, volunteers, and everyone else from throughout the state who worked so hard for so long on this election. Hundreds of citizen volunteers from the most northern parts of Louisiana to the most southern parts, and everything in between, responded to the call to educate their communities on the need to protect the right to life of unborn children. The pro-life issue made a tremendous impact in this election. It cannot be overlooked in any future Louisiana election.


While the election is over and Louisiana has made a positive pro-life step, we must not forget that babies are still destroyed by abortion every day in our state. We must continue to strive for the day when all life is protected under law.


For a Pro-Life Louisiana,

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Executive Director                      Assistant Director, Director of Center for Medical Ethics
Louisiana Right to Life                 Louisiana Right to Life

to watch a New York Times video, published prior to the election, called "Louisiana Runoff: A Blue State Turns Red." About halfway through the video is a discussion about the impact of the pro-life movement on the state's political climate. 
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