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Bowties for Babies, a Southern Style Soiree Benefiting Life, is just around the corner! 


Join us on April 29th for this fun-filled evening featuring a silent auction, delicious food and live music from the Big Easy Jazz Band!  


You can register for online, or by giving us a call at 866.463.5433.


Also, be sure to read Sarah's article about providing post-abortive women real hope and healing from their abortion experience. 


For a Pro-life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper 

Planned Parenthood wants to defeat HB 388, the Unsafe Abortion Protection Act. We cannot let that happen. 

Since Louisiana's abortion businesses have financial interest in abortion, they know that extra safety requirements like hospitals admitting privileges will hurt their business. 

You can help us by sending a message to your State Senator asking them to vote yes to HB 388. Visit www.ProtectLaWomen.com today! 
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Hollow Hope:
Why "Neutralizing" Abortion Doesn't Help Women

According to the group 
Exhale, a pro-choice organization dedicated to "supporting" women who have had abortions, April is "Abortion Well-Being Month". On their website, they say that this should be a time for post-abortive women to take a step back and focus on "celebrating well-being, connectedness, compassion, and respect for those with personal abortion experiences".


While pro-lifers agree that women who've made the irreversible and tragic choice to end the life of their unborn child need support and care, this group and groups like it only offer hollow hope.  They deny the crux of the matter, which is that taking the life of an unborn child, under any circumstance, is wrong. 


Abortion proponents use semantics and try to neutralize a black and white issue, and if that isn't bad enough, some even suggest that post-abortive women should celebrate their abortionsIn fact, this message has already surfaced multiple times this year. 


An art exhibit currently on display at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor is dedicated to defending and glamorizing the history of abortion. The display features quotes from abortion supporters like, "abortion is a gift from God", and "abortion providers are heros". This flawed perspective is repeated in an April 9th article in the Huffington Post Online which suggests that abortion can be an empowering and healing experience for women. In reality, that is impossible.  


If that were true, it would be ok for a mother to say, "I killed my five-year-old, but it was an empowering experience", or "It was very healing for me to kill my three month old, down-syndrome baby because I knew that if they grew up, they would suffer." Of course, we would say that's ludicrous. Like any other death, the loss of a human life takes a toll on the family involved, even if it doesn't feel that way immediately.     

Exhale pro-abortion counselor, Kate Hindman, restates their main message in the following poem about the feelings associated with abortion:      


"It's okay to think you killed your baby; It's okay to feel like you have a second chance at life; It's okay to feel empowered; It's okay to feel grief; It's okay to think you made the best choice; It's okay to think you made the worst choice" 


This implies that abortion is all about feelings and not about the scientific reality that abortion ends a real life. Ultimately, this misleads women and prevents them from grieving the death of their unborn baby. This is NOT what post-abortive women need.   

They need real hope and real healing from their abortions, and there are many pro-life programs that offer this. For example, the Silent No More Awareness Campaign seeks to expose and heal the secrecy and silence surrounding the emotional and physical pain of abortion. 

There are weekend retreats offered by ministries like Rachel's Vineyard that serve as a safe place to renew, rebuild and restore hearts that have been broken by abortion. These retreats are supportive, confidential and take place in a non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions. 


To find out where post-abortive counseling is offered in Louisiana, visit www.ProLifeLouisiana.org/Centerand to support women in crisis pregnancies attend our second annual Bowties for Babies on April 29th! 

Help Us Protect Children:
Send a Message to Your Representative

TODAY, April 17th, HB 305, authored by Representative Hoffman (R-West Monroe), is scheduled for a vote on the House Floor. 
This common-sense legislation will protect our children from abortion businesses, like Planned Parenthood, from instructing or distributing their materials in elementary, secondary or charter schools.

Please help us by taking two minutes and asking your representative to vote YES to HB 305!  
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April 29, 2014: Bowties For Babies

July 27 - 31, 2014: Joshua Leadership Institute 

Nov 4, 2014: U.S. Senate/Congressional Election
December 6, 2014: Runoff for November 4th Election 
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