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The last few weeks have been very exciting for the advancement of pro-life legislation

From watching the 

Unsafe Abortion Protection Act 

(HB388) sail through the House of Representatives, to receiving the good news that the 

5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld Texas' admitting privileges bill, we have much to be grateful for.


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For a Pro-life Louisiana,

Benjamin Clapper 

Surrogacy Vote in House Today
Today, the surrogacy bill, HB187, will receive a vote on the house floor. On March 29th, the House Civil Law and Procedures Committee overwhelmingly adopted pro-life amendments to the bill. As the bill stands now, contracts to govern "altruistic" surrogacy will be possible, but commercial surrogacy and forced abortion prohibited. Read about this legislation by clicking this link.
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Victory In The 5th Circuit!

On March 27th, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the requirement that Texas abortionists must obtain admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of their facility. 


This ensures that women in Texas will be protected from Gosnell-like abortionists who are often more interested in the $450 that they will receive from each abortion.


To read the Fifth Circuit Opinion click this link.

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Silent Heroes: The Impact of Crisis Pregnancy Centers 


Since the infamous Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions in 1973, the pro-life movement has been working to save the lives of the unborn through education, legislation, activism, and service. The pro-life movement has and continues to make great strides in not only convincing the public of the humanity of the unborn child, but also showing that abortion hurts women. More legislation protecting women and unborn children from abortion has been passed in the last ten years than ever, and more Americans are identifying themselves as "pro-life" than ever before.


Many factors contribute to this shift in culture towards the pro-life opinion, but aside from the work of educators, activists, and legislators, the work of those on the front lines of the abortion battle stands out as the most critical way of upholding the dignity of women and their unborn children. These workers on the front lines are the staff members of pregnancy resource centers, and these faithful individuals are truly working to change the hearts and minds of women everyday. 


Believing that women are worthy of better treatment than the abortion industry can provide, the first pregnancy resource centers were founded in the late 1960s as a way to empower women to make a better choice for themselves and their children. Pregnancy resource centers are mostly non-profit community centers or clinics that offer free ultrasounds, counseling, and assistance to women facing crisis pregnancies. Today, over 2200 centers are open across the United States, including 30 in our home state of Louisiana. 


In addition to helping abortion-minded women, pregnancy resource centers also offer support to women who choose to raise their children or place their children for adoption. From supplying diapers to offering parenting classes, these centers are dedicated day in and day out to accommodating women in need. It's no wonder that 95% of women who enter the doors of a pregnancy center choose life for their children, which is in stark contrast to the 9 out of 10 pregnant women who have abortions at Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider. 


However, even with the existing 30 centers in Louisiana, 25 women a day are still choosing abortion in our state. The work of our pregnancy resource centers is nothing short of amazing, and these centers operate from the generosity of the pro-life movement. As a serve to crisis pregnancy centers, the Advertise for Life Campaign was created in Louisiana. Advertise for Life works to reach women facing crisis pregnancies through creative advertising, such as billboards, bus wraps, and internet marketing. 


Currently, in addition to a statewide internet marketing campaign, an Advertise for Life bus is rolling in the streets of New Orleans, and a billboard is going up in a high traffic area of Baton Rouge, and these ads promote the Option Line, a 24-hour helpline, and ADifficultChoice.com, a website devoted to helping women find their local pregnancy center. We know that more women are connecting to pregnancy resource centers because of Advertise for Life, and because of this, lives are being saved.


Want to support the Advertise for Life Campaign? Come to Bowties for Babies on April 29th at the Old State Capitol.  Find out more at www.ProLifeLouisiana.org/Bowties.


The UnSafe Abortion Protection Act Sails Through LA House of Representatives

On March 31st, HB 388, the Unsafe Abortion
Protection Act, authored by Representative Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe), passed through the Louisiana House of Representatives by a bi-partisan vote of 85-6. The bill had 50 Representatives join as co-sponsors.

Read this factsheet on HB388, and stay tuned as this bill goes to the Senate!
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