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 Legislative Session Starts Today!
Take Action Now to Stop "Wombs For Rent" Bill
The 2014 Louisiana Legislative Session begins today! Our team will be at the capitol day-in and day-out to protect life. See below for a list of legislation we are pushing forward and monitoring. 
We were thrilled on Friday that Governor Bobby Jindal held a press conference in West Monroe to announce that he was including our two main pieces of legislation in his 2014 legislative package. Click here to watch the video of Governor Jindal and others speak about this legislation. 
As we move forward, one of our priorities is stopping legislation that will bring paid pregnancy and paid abortion to Louisiana by expediting the process of gestational surrogacy.


You can help us stop this legislation by sending a message to your State Senator and Representative asking them to oppose HB 187!  See more details below.
We expect HB 187 to move fast this week.  Your timely action is appreciated.
For a Pro-Life Louisiana,
Benjamin Clapper
Executive Director
Louisiana Right to Life
Louisiana Right to Life's Current Legislative Overview


Our Legislative Package

  • The Unsafe Abortion Protection Act (HB 388) is one of Louisiana Right to Life's top priorities in the 2014 legislative session. This is because it will implement common-sense regulations on the abortion industry in our state. Often times, an abortionist is only concerned with the $450 they will receive from each abortion, rather than the health & safety of his or her patient. HB 388 has three main components:
    • HB 388 will require abortion providers to have admitting privileges within 30 miles of a local hospital. 
    • HB 388 will will clarify that informed consent protections apply to both surgical abortion, as well as to RU-486 chemical abortion. 
    • HB 388 will require doctors who perform more than five abortions a year to maintain proper licensing. 
  • Strict Regulation on Abortion Facilities Act (HB 305)authored by Representative Frank Hoffman (R-West Monroe), will keep the abortion industry out of schools that are funded by the tax-dollars of the citizens of Louisiana.  
    • HB 305 provides that no individual or organization that performs elective abortion or its affiliates may provide instruction or materials in public elementary and secondary schools or in charter schools that receive state funding.
Legislation We Oppose
  • HB 187 has been introduced in the Louisiana House of Representatives and will reportedly be on a fast track this session. Similar bills have been passed in other states and show that this legislation gives rise to a new industry that profits surrogate brokers and lawyers who inevitably end up fighting over issues such as coerced abortion of imperfect unborn children. A recent example of this was when a surrogate in Connecticut was offered $10,000 dollars to abort a child with a fetal abnormality
While infertility is a heartbreaking experience for any family, it cannot justify Louisiana expediting a process that can lead to abortions that are a financial incentive. 

Please help us protect the women & children of our state by sending a message to your State Senator and Representative asking them to oppose HB 187!
Friendly Legislation We Are Evaluating
  • HB 590 prohibits the use of public monies for abortion and provision of public monies to providers of abortion except as may be required by the federal government as a condition of federal financial participation in a public medical assistance program.
  • HB 727 requires provision of psychological health information prior to abortion. This includes internet based resources, telephone numbers and links to Internet websites of nonprofit organizations that can provide confidential helplines to professional and lay counselors.
  • SB 521 legislation relative to commercial surrogacy.
  • HB 403 provides for certificates of stillbirth and hospital policies concerning the disposition of fetal remains.

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