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Joshua Leadership Institute 2013 with Gov Jindal
Governor Jindal with JLI Students (Gov. Jindal in middle back)
Joshua Leadership Institute (JLI) Trains 60 Leaders for Life! 
Governor Jindal Speaks to Students on Planting Seeds for Life


"The seeds you are planting in Louisiana today will make Louisiana Gov. jindal speaking at JLIeven more pro-life tomorrow."


Governor Bobby Jindal shared these and other inspirational words yesterday with our 60 high school and college students that are together in Baton Rouge at the max-capacity 2013 Joshua Leadership Institute. 


The Institute, which began on Sunday and concludes Thursday, will train students in pro-life persuasion/apologetics, medical ethics issues such as euthanasia, stem cell research, activism outreach on campus, and much more.  The highlight for many of the students was a chance to put their knowledge to practice when they went to LSU's Free Speech Alley to dialogue with strangers on abortion.


The Joshua Leadership Institute, co-sponsored by the Knights of Columbus and Louisiana Right to Life, is a first-class training program open to all youth right here in Louisiana.  Many thanks to our great chaperones and leaders, including Vince Whittington of the Knights of Columbus, and our staff leaders Cody Reed and Mary Nadeau.   


See below for a few quotes from three of our awesome students!


For a Pro-Life Louisiana,


Benjamin Clapper

Executive Director

Louisiana Right to Life


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"In a world where we are
constantly told to be pro-
choice, it's so
important to be reminded why we are pro-life."
- Maria-Jose Mendez
"JLI has been an exciting, eye opening experience. The skills I have learned here will
enable me to be a voice for
life and human dignity
in my
community and abroad."
- Carl Hellmers

I had never been to a college campus to survey and talk to people. I was nervous at first, but I realized that I had no
reason to be. Once I got over the initial anxiety, everything went smoothly. I am so happy that I got to speak with these people about the truth behind
- Chelsea Nora

Louisiana Right to Life, established in 1970, works through education, legislation, activism, and service to restore the right to life in Louisiana by opposing abortion, euthanasia, and other life destroying actions.