May 29, 2013

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Second NOLA Needs Peace Billboard Vandalized

 NOLA Needs Peace Coalition Disturbed by Act of Malevolence


New Orleans LA- On Wednesday May 22nd, Planned Parenthood had their groundbreaking at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans. At their ceremony, Rabbi Cohen said this concerning the opposition Planned Parenthood is facing over the construction of their new facility: "Of course, we're all mindful of the controversy and the ugly confusion which this wonderful facility engenders in some few though very vocal souls. Planned Parenthood and this new building's purpose and life-saving service are victims really of misinformation and sometimes downright malevolent voices which encourage community hysteria and manufacture knowingly misinformation."


On May 28th the NOLA Needs Peace learned that another billboard had been vandalized. The vandals ripped the billboard apart and replaced the NOLA Needs Peace website with the word "Lies." This is the second act of vandalism the organization has faced since the beginning of the billboard campaign, not to mention several dozens acts of theft and vandalism to the NOLA Needs Peace yard signs.



Benjamin Clapper, a leader in the NOLA Needs Peace Coalition said this: "It is evident that the NOLA Needs Peace Coalition are not the ones manufacturing acts of malevolence as Rabbi Cohen mentioned, but instead it is Planned Parenthood supporters. We ask Planned Parenthood to denounce these acts of vandalism." 


The billboard was taken down around noon on May 29th.



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