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Gosnell Found Guilty of First Degree Murder 
LA Right to Life Asks: What is the Difference Between in the Womb and Out? 

New Orleans, La- Today, abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of first degree murder in the death of three infants born alive at his Philadelphia facility.  Gosnell was accused of killing babies by using scissors to cut their spinal cord. The jury also found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter of a patient who died after undergoing an abortion. 

In addition, Gosnell was found guilty of 21 counts of abortion on 24 week or older unborn babies. In Pennsylvania, abortions past 24 weeks are illegal unless the health of the mother is at stake.


Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director of Louisiana Right to Life commented on today's verdict, "We are glad the jury found Gosnell responsible for the deaths of these innocent babies. But the question our nation must answer still lingers: What is the difference between what Gosnell did and what happens everyday in abortion facilities across our nation? Does the birth canal grant magical rights? Where a person lives should have no bearing on who a person is and whether the person has the right to live."


Clapper continues, "Although these criminal activities did not take place at a Planned Parenthood facility, and Planned Parenthood applauded Gosnell's guilty verdict today, their own representative Alisa LaPolt Snow testified before the Florida legislature opposing a bill that would require abortionists to provide medical care for surviving infants. Babies should be protected against businesses seeking to take their life, whether in the womb or out."  


The state of Louisiana does protect infants born alive through the Born Alive Infant Protection Act and abortions are banned after 20 weeks of development. Gosnell's trial has stirred controversy over late-term abortion laws in our country and also shed light on the brutality of abortion itself. Later this month a second jury will be given the task to sentence Gosnell for his convictions.    







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