November 4, 2012 - Vol 6, Issue 11

John Carroll University - Campus Ministry

11/4 is Daylight Savings Time


 Remember to fall back 1 hour TODAY!

Tuesday, Nov 6th is Election Day


Please Vote 
A Mindful Nation - 11/7  
Come meet US Congressman Tim Ryan, Ohio's 17th District 
He is the author of the recently published book, A Mindful Nation.  In it, he extols the 
value of mindfulness and meditation in our everyday lives. Learn more about how the simple meditation practice described in his book might help you become centered, calm, and peaceful.  Come to LSC Conference Room 1:30 pm.

Check out what our 

Resident Ministers are doing


Sacred Space

Mondays at 11pm in Murphy Chapel

Contact Jurell with questions


Pray from the heART

Thursdays at 8pm (location TBD)

Contact Gillian with questions


Daily Examen Emails

Reflection emails sent daily

Contact Craig with questions or to be added to the list


Sevenoseven Outings - Non-denominational worship service

Sundays at 7:07pm in Broadview Heights

Contact Shannon if interested in attending


Join us for Murphy Mass

Wednesdays at 9:30pm in Murphy Chapel

Faith in 5
CLC sponsored faith-based activities will be planned each day the week of November 11th. 
Details in next week's eBulletin.
Golden Rule
Golden Rule
Choose one of two sessions to learn about the ethical and interfaith aspects of the Golden Rule: Monday, November 19th (7:00 - 8:30 pm) or Tuesday, November 20th (noon).  Register for Nov. 20th (for the lunch) HERE.

Program will include Fr. Harry Gensler, S.J. and Paul McKenna from Scarboro Missions in Toronto (a leader in interfatih dialogue).
Streak the Vote

Get informed about local and national issues!



Monday, 11/5 - Immigration Reform


All presentations will be at 5pm in the Dolan Auditorium.  Contact Dr. Peggy Finucane or Dr. Rich Clark for additional information.

Through the Eyes of a Child


Looking for a fun and rewarding service project for the holiday season? Through the Eyes of a Child is an annual event sponsored by the Arrupe Scholars Program and Beta Theta Pi.  This year's event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 1, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Approximately 100 elementary school children from inner city Cleveland will visit JCU's campus for arts and crafts, a visit with Santa and lunch in the cafeteria.  Each child will be paired with a JCU student as a buddy. All JCU students are asked to spend up to $20 to purchase a gift for the child that they are matched with. (The gifts will be given out by Santa of course!) To sign up to be a buddy, please complete our online form.

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12-13 PHOTOS:

Homecoming Mass

Post Grad Volunteer Fair

Mass of the Holy Spirit 2012

Open Mic Night 

Campus Ministry Community Day (Work, Play and Pray)


11-12 VIDEOS:

Campus Ministry Video Highlights


11-12 PHOTOS



Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

Contact: Mira
Phone: 440-888-6213 


Contact: Dave Markovich

Visit Hillel's website at:


Muslim Student Society

Contact Muslim Student Society


Still not finding a faith community?

If you are from a faith background for which there is currently no active group on campus, please contact Fr. Jim Collins, SJ, Coordinator of Small Faith Communities in Campus Ministry at JCU and he will work to help you form a group!

Make a prayer request or mass intention!
A Mindful Nation
Resident Minister programs
Faith in 5
The Golden Rule
Streak the Vote
Through the Eyes of a Child
Other Faith Ministries
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Prayer Angels
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Sunday, November 4, 2012 

6:00 pm Mass - St. Francis Chapel

Presider:  Fr. Schubeck, S.J. 

10:00 pm - St. Francis Chapel

Presider:  Fr. Bernie McAniff, S.J. 


Monday, November 5, 2012

12:05 pm - St. Francis Chapel

Intention: Michael Lanese 

Presider:  Fr. Don Cozzens 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012  

5:05 pm - Rodman Chapel   

Intention:  Marie Noll 

Presider:  Fr. Schubeck, S.J.  


Wednesday, November 7, 2012 

12:05 pm - Rodman Chapel 

Intention: Robert E. Schade 

Presider: Fr. Bichl, S.J. 


Murphy Mass   

9:30 pm - Fr. Jim Collins, S.J. 


Thursday, November 8th, 2012  

5:05 pm - Rodman Chapel

Intention:  William E. Blamer 

Presider:  Fr. Bernie McAniff, S.J.  


Friday, November 9th, 2012  

12:05 pm - St. Francis Chapel
Intentions:  Henry E. Rummel
Presider:  Fr. Jim Collins, S.J.



Monday 2 - 3 PM

Fr. Cozzens - Office AD Bldg

Thursday 4 - 5 PM
Fr. Collins or Fr. McAniff in Rodman Hall Chapel

By appointment:
Fr. Bichl: 397-3075


(across the street from Rodman Hall) welcomes JCU members for Mass and confession.   

Mass Collection
Our collections for October and November will be for the Fatima Family Center.

Our mass collection for Oct.28

was $245.81.

Campus Ministry Staff


John Scarano 


Phone: 216-397-4701

CLC (Small Faith Communities)

Phone: 216-397-1995


Paula Fitzgerald 


Phone: 216-397-4709


Carrie Pollick

Immersion Exp. & Social Justice

Phone: 216-397-1506


Gail Roussey 

Liturgy & R.C.I.A.

Phone: 216-397-4766


Part-time  Minister 

Phone: 216-397-3075

Phone: 216-397-4717  

Resident Ministry Staff


MURPHY HALL - Room 218

Jurell Sison  

HAMLIN HALL - Room 250

Craig Sidol 

DOLAN HALL - Room 201

Gillian Halusker


Shannon Edwards

Important Links


Cleveland Catholic Diocese

Gesu Parish 

Daily Mass Readings & Podcasts

JCU's Jesuit Community

Society of Jesus

Weekly Rosary in Rodman Chapel
Rosary Beads

 Join a group of staff, faculty and students that meet each Tuesday at noon in Rodman Chapel to pray the rosary.  All are welcome.  Questions - contact Ann Buda

"Prayer Angels"

Prayer Angels is a new student-initiated prayer group on campus that has two goals: 1) to spread the awareness and power of prayer, 2) to break down religious divides. Anonymous prayer requests can be submitted, using this Wufoo form,  and each request will be distributed to the "prayer angels," who will personally pray for each intention. Anyone can submit a prayer request. Contact Ashley for more information.
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