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Group Dynamics.
April 9, 2015

The exhibitions below don't focus on one artist or another, but instead showcase a group of artists, pairing and juxtaposing their work in interesting and complex ways. When three or more artists unpack themes related to nature, the possibilities of their personal works alone are endless‐then imagine putting their works in conversation with each other. The resulting exhibitions are truly magnetic. Another event to add to your calendar: Artscope is sponsoring the MassArt auction on Saturday, April 11. Purchase your tickets here. Also, do you remember our announcement back and January of Artscope's acceptance into the Magazine sector of the collective booth at this year's Art Basel? Well, those June dates are coming up quick, which makes this week the final week to place advertisements in the Artscope May/June issue that will be making its appearance in Switzerland. Be sure to contact us at or call 617-639-5771 to reserve your spot today!

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Gathering Threads at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center
in Brattleboro, Vermont now through May 3

                     Open Sesame by Samantha Talbot-Kelly.

It is no wonder artists are drawn to working with textiles, or that we as viewers experience fiber art with our entire beings and imagination—our bodies touch fabric almost every hour of every day. We sleep on it, dress in it, and decorate with it. It is so familiar that our eyes tell us what its texture will be before we touch it. The current exhibition at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center is a survey of artists' work that pushes the boundaries of traditional textile techniques into innovative, hybrid forms. The exhibit affords you a chance to explore myriad ways in which fiber can be exploited for its vast emotional and symbolic potential. Take, for instance, the embroidery of Mike Asente, created on swaddling cloth to evoke Hummel-like figures of children saying their night prayers or repeating parental admonishments. Melissa Zexter and Diane Meyer embellish and distort original and vintage photographs with elaborate embroidery patterns—Zexter using both created and found images, and Meyer raiding the family photo album. Orly Cogan stitches vintage magazine ads with images of well-known characters from children's literature, while Matthew Cox adorns x-ray film with detailed headgear from different historical periods. The human body is source material for both Sam Talbot-Kelly and Caroline Lathan-Stiefel. Talbot-Kelly's animatronic figure, featured above, is gowned in billowing red fabrics ornamented with schematic representations of the heart and cradling teacups containing the artist's mother's ashes. The piece explores the centrality of the heart as a physical, emotional and metaphorical life force. Other featured artists include Daria Dorosh, Bhakti Ziek, Joan Morris, Michele Ratté and collaborators Nora Ligorano and Marshal Reese. Gathering Threads: Contemporary Fiber Art is on view now through Sunday, May 3 at Brattleboro Museum & Art Center. Perhaps this exhibition will shed some light on the "fabric" of our lives.

Sponsored by: Fruitlands Museum, Maud Morgan Arts Chandler Gallery, New Center For Arts & Culture, Fountain Street Fine Art, artscope Newsstand Tablet Edition, Worcester Center for Crafts, Boston Printmakers Call for Art, Make Speak at Fuller Craft Museum, Bruce Museum and Wenham Museum

Fruitlands Museum

Photo credit: © Ben Brody 2010 Boy with Soldier.

April 17-June 21: Afghanistan | Endgame. Ben Brody is an American documentary photographer who has covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as both a soldier and a civilian. This exhibit is a poignant reflection on his ten years of reporting on the absurdity, alienation, and unintended consequences of modern war.

Photo credit: Silver Lake Operations #1, Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007, © Edward Burtynsky, courtesy Nicholas Metivier Gallery, Toronto / Howard Greenberg Gallery and Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, New York.

April 17-June 21: The Industrial Sublime. Award-winning photographer Edward Burtynsky explores the topographical landscape as altered by large-scale industrial incursions that feed the world's appetite for material goods. His photographs highlight the conflict between the human need for economic growth and protecting our fragile ecosystems.

Fruitlands Museum
102 Prospect Hill Road, Harvard, MA
(978) 456-3924
HOURS: M, W, Th, F 10-4.
Sat, Sun & Holidays 10-5. Closed Tues.

Maud Morgan Arts Chandler Gallery


Word + Image: Small Works Salon 2015
Juror: Maria Magdalena Campos - Pons

Reception: Sunday, April 12, 2015 / 3:00 - 5:00 pm
Dates: April 10 - May 15, 2015
Gallery Hours: Weekdays, 9:00 - 5:00 pm

Small Works Salon 2015 Celebrates Text and Art

This exhibit includes a little light reading. The pieces in "Small Works Salon 2015: Word + Image" at the Chandler Gallery incorporate signs, poems, memos, receipts, and sometimes whole pages of text into 2D and 3D works. Juried by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, a distinguished artist and professor at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, this salon blurs the boundaries between writing and visual art.

New Center For Arts & Culture


8 Nights, 8 Windows: Illuminating Boston is calling all artists in visual, new, music & video media for exhibition in 8 public window spaces during Hanukkah. Tell your story of miracle, illumination & innovation.

Jurors: Carol Daynard, Dina Deitsch, Eran Egozy, Randi Hopkins.
$3K stipend, deadline 5/18/15.
Details & application online at

Fountain Street Fine Art


Fountain Street Fine Art
59 Fountain Street, Framingham, MA
(508) 879.4200
Th-Su, 11-5 and by appointment

April 9 - May 10:
Common Thread - Painting and Sculpture by Brenda Cirioni and Leslie Zelamsky
Reception: Friday, April 10, 5-9pm
Artist Talk and performance by The Farewells: May 2, 3-5pm.

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Ceramic Inspiration at ArtProv Gallery
in Providence, Rhode Island now through May 22

Landfill Tulipiere by Linda Huey, medium-fire clay and glaze.

The three artists featured in ArtProv Gallery's Ceramic Inspirations all explore the natural world through clay, creating both functional and decorative pieces that transcend ordinary objects to become works of art. Suzanne Hill has been working in clay for over forty years, ten of which she spent overseas in Mexico, Peru, and Bangladesh, where she studied the work of traditional potters. She marries her love of the traditional vessel with her decoration inspired by the landscapes of coastal New England and the American Southwest. In her work, Hill combines these vessel forms and abstract process-driven decoration to evoke the lines and colors of the land and sky. Linda Huey is inspired by an investigation of nature, in process and in form, and clay is her pathway into the natural world. While her leaf- and flower-adorned pottery celebrates growth and abundance in nature, her sculpture examines problematic influences of our culture on the environment, sometimes balancing what is considered beautiful with what isn't. Huey's work questions the balance between growth and decay, sometimes testing what viewers want to see. Jan Jacque explores nature's tranquility, balance and complexity in her clay and wood vessels. For Jacque, clay subtly implies earth, while wood and plant images reflect the growth of living things. The vessels she creates are the result of her careful balance of these elements. Jacque has always been drawn to the forms, lines, asymmetry and delicate complexity in nature, and her works express her deep respect and love for the environment. Ceramic Inspirations is on view now through Friday, May 22 at ArtProv Gallery. Also of note, Landscapes Above and Beyond will show Wednesday, April 15 through Friday, May 22 and features the works of Carolynn U. Baker, Jenifer Mumford, Pia Peterson, Mimo Gordon Riley and Nina Weiss.

Lush Life at Lamont Gallery
in Exeter, New Hampshire now through May 2

Mutation: Specimen A by Laura Morrison.

Spring came early to Exeter, as Lush Life hit the gallery walls of Phillips Exeter Academy's Lamont Gallery at the end of March. The artwork in this exhibition explores the natural world and the effect humans have on it, encouraging us to cultivate our imagination and consider our own ecological footprint by expressing the beauty and fragility of our world. From colorful, elaborately embroidered plants made of old knit sweaters and blankets to landscapes and rivers intricately carved into blocks of wood, Lush Life displays a rich variety of work. Still life paintings of sunsets and beaches hang on the walls next to vivid collages of layered photographs and textures. Moss, fungi, ferns and winding black spikes grow from a coffee table in the middle of the room. Lauren O'Neal, the director and curator of Lamont Gallery, said, "Nature is not just the green and growing—it encompasses a whole complex, living system that extends from the cellular to the celestial. The work in the exhibition reflects that dynamism and complexity through the use of materials ranging from felt to digital photography—the world, and the way you can interpret it—is exponential." Each artist expresses their take and concern on the natural world differently. Artist and biologist Natalie Andrew builds living moss sculptures, which contain her personal narrative. Sean Beavers paints meticulous still lifes and landscapes that explore ephemeral moments in nature. Gloria Calderon-Saenz's intricately carved woodblocks and prints are inspired by rivers, flora and fauna. Exeter alumnus Bear Kirkpatrick creates richly textured photographic portraits that combine history, science and nature. Laura Morrison imagines lush, wild post-apocalyptic nature, and creates colorful organisms knit and embroidered from natural fibers, delicate beads and metallic threads. Lush Life is on view now through Saturday, May 2 at Lamont Gallery. As the transition from winter to spring continues to keep us on edge, this exhibition offers us a glimpse into nature when we need it most.

Worcester Center for Crafts


Experience the excitement of twenty nationally recognized potters under one roof displaying and selling their work in The Pottery Invitaional 2015. Programs for novices and collectors include exhibit, demos, and benefit preview. Friday April 17, 5:30-8:30pm Saturday, April 18, 10-5, Sunday, April 19, 11-4. Curated by Doug Peltzman & Julie Crosby.

Worcester Center for Crafts
25 Sagamore Road
Worcester, MA 01605
508 753-8183 x301

Boston Printmakers Call for Art

BP logo 300dpi (3)

DEADLINE: May 8, 2015

Entry fee: $45/3 entries. Apply through CaFÉ

Juror: Willie Cole
Eligibility: North American artists. All original printmaking media. No photographs, offset reproductions, or reproductions of other artworks.

Make Speak at Fuller Craft Museum

make speak logo
Sunday, April 19, 2015, 2pm-5pm (Free)
7 takes on craft, 7 presentations, 7 minutes
Space is limited. Reserve your tickets online at
or call 508.588.6000.

Make Speak is styled as a pecha kucha, or series of short presentations, taken from the Japanese phrase for chit chat! Each presenter will have 7 minutes to convey how they think about craft in relation to their practice. Join us after the presentations for lively conversations, snacks, and beer provided by Mayflower Brewery.
Our featured presenters: Anna Chase, Peter Follansbee, Lee Heald, Stuart Kestenbaum, Paula Marcoux, José Monteiro,
Robert P. Stack & Van Souvannasanne.

Bruce Museum

Cast skull of the Malagasy dinosaur Majungasaurus. Bruce Museum Collection. Photograph by Paul Mutino.

Madagascar: Ghosts of the Past. Have you ever seen a theropod dinosaur? How about a pygmy hippo? Or a snub-nosed crocodilian? Well, now you can. A new exhibition in the Bruce Museum's science gallery opens April 11 and offers a rare window into a little-known world. It also marks the first official show curated by Dr. Daniel Ksepka, the Museum's new Curator of Science. Through November 8.

Wenham Museum


Celebrating Love, Shirley Temple
May 8 | 7 p.m. | Wenham Museum

Gather for a festive evening to support the Wenham Museum and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Love, Shirley Temple, a special exhibit featuring memorabilia from the personal archives of iconic actress Shirley Temple.
Tickets available online.

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