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August 14, 2014

We don't want to speak for everyone, but it feels like the dog days of summer are upon us. We're in the homestretch before the vacations end, the classes start, the projects or clients begin rolling in. With one more month of high heat and humidity, it's almost too easy to relax and before we know it, we find ourselves stagnant. So use these exhibitions as an excuse to jumpstart your hazy days—they might just be the spark you need.

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Three Exhibitions at Berta Walker Gallery
in Provincetown, Massachusetts now through August 17th

Moon Glow by Murray Zimiles, 2011, 40" x 60", oil and mixed media on canvas.

In terms of American Art and its history, Provincetown may tell a different story than most towns—a narrative punctuated with tides and sand dunes, powered by the sea and the energy it harnesses. But with water imagery aside, artists who have spent a good deal of time in Provincetown seem to have the same pull to the place: color. This unifying theme is highlighted in the three separate exhibitions running concurrently at Berta Walker Gallery. In Colors and Forms of Provincetown, artist Paul Resika awes us with his fishing boats and buoys he has crafted through his visual language of color, shape and relationship. Resika's exhibition displays his colorful Provincetown subjects that span thirty years, including a painting done during his first visit as a Hoffman student in 1947, as well as harbor scenes and the MacMillan Wharf and Provincetown skyline with the iconic horizon and the Pilgrim Monument. Mysteries in Color is an exhibition of "scapes" by abstract painter Sky Power. The type of "scape" doesn't particularly matter (landscape, seascape, skyscape, dreamscape), so long as it draws her attention to color and composition in the most visceral, corporal of ways. Power's color-infused and electric style comes from spending nearly four decades at the end of the Cape, absorbing the energy of the sea and transferring that to the canvas. The third exhibition showing at Berta Walker Gallery is Murray Zimiles' Color Mysteries. Though his work debuted at the gallery just last year, Zimiles himself is no stranger to Provincetown. The nephew of artists Boris Margo and Jan Gelb, Zimiles spent many summers with them in a dune shack where he was exposed to a wild landscape little touched by humans, an experience that might help explain the mosaic blending quality of his work. In his color combination of crooked buildings, disproportionate animals and exaggerated views, Zimiles creates a new American Landscape that emits an intellectual calm in a world ripe with chaos. Zimiles' works, along with Power's and Resika's, are on view now through Sunday, August 17th at Berta Walker Gallery. Come and help celebrate twenty-five seasons of reputable art and Provincetown culture.

Sponsored by: Rockport Art Association, Hutson Gallery, Housatonic Continuing Education, Susan Powell Fine Art, Maud Morgan Arts, Surroundings Art Gallery and artscope Newsstand App

Rockport Art Association
Judith Larsen - SHIMA
SHIMA by Judith Larsen, 2013, photograph, 37 x 40.

The Rockport Art Association presents
out of bounds 2014
August 23 - September 23
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 23, 2 - 5 pm

out of bounds

out of bounds 2014 is an exhibition of The School of the Museum of Fine Arts faculty and alumni work - including a diverse array of paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture and site-specific installations.

Also highlighted: past and present members of the RAA who attended The SMFA, including Aldro Hibbard, Eric Hudson, Margaret Pearson, Peter Vincent and Harold Rotenberg - utilizing the extensive museum collection of the RAA.

IFS labels

Curated by: iartcolony

RAA Logo 2014

12 Main Street, Rockport

Hutson Gallery

Sunset Wharf, 16x20, oil on canvas.

Joe Trepiccione
August 22- September 4, 2014

Hutson Gallery
432 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657

Housatonic Continuing Education

Painting on Cracked wall

Susan Powell Fine Art

Vincent Giarrano "Tribeca" oil 24 x 36 inches

Susan Powell Presents Vincent Giarrano - New York City in Madison

Susan Powell Fine Art at 679 Boston Post Road in Madison presents its annual solo show of Vincent Giarrano - New York City from Friday, August 15 through September 14. The public is invited to an opening reception to meet the artist on:

Friday, August 15 from 5 - 9 pm.

Nationally and internationally acclaimed, Vincent Giarrano's new series explores contemporary women living out their lives in the city. Soho streets, Chinatown, and classic and modern NYC interiors set the scene for his 30 New York City paintings. Vincent Giarrano paints the modern, urban female and the beauty, vibe and reality of life he sees and feels in New York.

Vincent Giarrano "Katrina" oil 10 x 19 inches


The gallery is open Wednesday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 12- 3, and anytime by appointment. For more information, please call 203-318-0616 or visit
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Summer Exhibitions at UMaine Museum of Art
in Bangor, Maine now through September 20th

                 A Problem is a Body of Water by Maya Brodsky.

Summer is reason enough to celebrate, according to the boom of exhibitions currently showing at UMaine Museum of Art. In June, UMMA opened three separate shows to span the entire season of summer, matching the cumulative talent of the artists to the rising temperatures over the months. AWAKE: Paintings by Maya Brodsky exhibits a powerful array of realist oil paintings that capture and preserve tender moments in life: a couple entwined beneath wrinkled bed sheets in the few moments before waking, a vacant room untouched by the passing of time. In addition to her intimate subjects, the size of Brodsky's works is also extremely personal (the largest being 14x11), which offers a striking contrast to the monumental scale seen in much of contemporary painting. Looking Back Six Years—Part Two: Selected New Acquisitions is another summer exhibition, this one celebrating the early developments and recent growth of the permanent collection. It features painting, sculpture and original prints acquired since 2008, and highlights new emerging areas of the collection. Small-scale paintings are an evolving subset, as well as wall-oriented sculptures and detail-driven prints, and an elite selection of all three is currently on view, displaying the works of more than eight individual artists. The third exhibition at UMMA comes in the form of a fresh summer treat that provides the viewer with a delicious taste of twentieth century art. Eight Scoops features the enthusiastic selections from participants in the museum's innovative youth program Young Curators. The following eight artists were chosen for their bold colors, formal qualities and expressive lines: Georges Braque, Alexander Calder, Marc Chagall, Paul René Gauguin, David Hockney, René Magritte, Karl Schrag and Wayne Thiebaud. All of the artists featured in the three summer exhibitions are on view now through Saturday, September 20th at the UMaine Museum of Art. Admission is free in 2014 thanks to the generosity of Penobscot Financial Advisors.

Indomitable Spirit at Kzniznick Gallery
in Waltham, Massachusetts now through October 8th

         Walking by Juanita McNeely, oil on linen.

The current exhibition at Kziznick Gallery in the Women's Studies Research Center at Brandeis University spans more than 40 years of works by feminist artist Juanita McNeely. If there's one thing to know about McNeely, it's that she is unapologetic, and rightly so. McNeely moved to New York City in 1967 in the midst of the rising tide of Second-wave feminism. That same year, abortion was made legal in Britain, President Johnson's affirmative action policy expanded to cover discrimination based on sex, Valerie Solanas published her infamous SCUM Manifesto and Women's Liberation groups continued to spring up all over the country. All things considered, it should come as no surprise that McNeely both sees and presents women unabashedly, showing them in lights of reality, despite how sensual or grisly they can be. Her exhibition Indomitable Spirit tackles the taboos that surround women's bodies, as well as themes of life, death, blood and childbirth. In her works, McNeely creates figures that defy both gravity and anatomy, yet remain whole and believable through articulated muscles and vibrating lines of movement. Physicality is about her work in the same way McNeely is about awareness and speaking out. "I paint woman as an active agent from the viewpoint of what a woman faces in life," McNeely says. "In my work I speak of those moments of emotions or experiences that are either not spoken of, or that most do not want to face: the tremble of life and moments of unpleasant realities." Through her art McNeely aims to unveil the unfathomable depths of female experience in order to restore to the underestimated woman that sense of herself as hero, as pioneer and protagonist. Indomitable Spirit is on view now through Wednesday, October 8th at Kziznick Gallery. No one paints the female body quite like McNeely, in a parity that is equal parts severity and sensuality. It is certainly something you need to see to believe.

Maud Morgan Arts


At the Chandler Gallery, Abraham Isaac Goldberg's Artwork Recalls Pieces of the Past

Abraham Isaac Goldberg did not have the privilege of earning a living as an artist. Instead, he worked long hours in a factory to support his family, but during his lifetime, he created hundreds of sketches, drawings and paintings. His son, Haim, says that Goldberg's artwork "brings back a certain time and place, a certain way of life that was difficult but enriching at the same time."

"From My Father's Hand: The Art of Abraham Isaac Goldberg, 1910-1970" is on display at the Chandler Gallery from August 15-September 12 with an opening reception on September 4 from 6-8pm.

Surroundings Art Gallery

Open Sky (30x30) by Celia Judge.

Original Representational Landscapes of the NH Lakes Region and White Mountains, Folk Art, Wood Carvings and more by regionally connected artists. Also available are original children's book illustrations by David McPhail and Karel Hayes. Gallery is in a restored barn in the quintessential New Hampshire town of Sandwich near Squam Lake. Gallery Open: 10-5 Mon - Sat and 12-5 on Sundays during July and August. Weekends during the fall.

12 Main Street
Center Sandwich, NH 03227

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